Romantic Poet movies that haven’t happened yet but should.
  • A trippy Coleridge visual album scored completely in acid rock, in the style of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
  • A beautiful Wordsworth movie in the style of a Rogers and Hammerstein musical + the 1994 version of The Secret Garden.
  • A weird Blake movie that’s half animated in a very experimental but disquieting style and has a good message but makes little kids cry.
  • An indie, anachronistic Shelley movie that’s got a lot of interesting visual effects and shaggy hair and is scored in 1960s protest songs.
  • A ridiculous, huge-budget Lord Byron movie directed by Baz Luhrmann and featuring an almost exclusively hip hop soundtrack. (It’s the only way to do it.)
  • A Keats musical with lots of Amelie-style reality-bending effects and an entire soundtrack by Hozier and/or Sufjan Stevens.

In terms of like classic authors Mary Shelley is like that quiet goth-looking girl who sat taking serious notes in the back of class and then later you find out she built a fucking time machine in her backyard and Lord Byron is the guy who goes to all of the frat parties and is like “oh I’m so edgy look at how angsty and beautiful I am I’m so beautiful and angsty” and thinks he is a “rebellious libertine” because he drinks too much champagne and has a lot of sex meanwhile John Keats is over here like “I like poetry and flowers and the rest of y'all are fucking crazy”