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Fandom: Yuri On Ice

Pairings:  Yuuri/Victor (victuuri)

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:   Sequel to A Real Life Cinnamon Roll. Check RL Cinnamon Roll AU tag for more this universe. 

Summary: Yuuri Katsuki’s students knew three things about their teacher’s husband: 1) he looked like a king, 2) he clearly loved Katsuki-sensei, 3) he was damn lucky to have their teacher for a husband. “I feel like I’m in a Disney movie.” 

They never did get the story of how their teacher and his husband met. For one reason or another, Yuri hadn’t come back yet and for two Katsuki-sensei kept changing the subject. Eventually his kicked puppy eyes made everyone feel guilty and they stopped asking. It didn’t stop them from wondering though.

They were approaching the ninth week of the semester when Mariana arrived to the class one day to find all of her classmates huddled outside.

“Is the other class still inside?” she asked. They shared this particular classroom with an upper French level that sometimes ran over their timeslot.

“Nah,” John said, pointing into the room. “We got a king in there.”

“A king?” Mariana asked, skeptical. She peered into the window of the door.

There leaning against Katsuki-sensei’s desk was a tall man with silver hair. With smooth features and piercing blue eyes, he looked like a male model. It was easy to see why John called him a king; there was a feeling that she was standing in the presence of royalty. Regal, cold even, in an untouchable way.

“Like he was carved from marble,” John said with a soft sigh.

“Maybe he’s lost?” Mariana said. “We should go inside, class is going to start soon and we don’t want to disappoint Katsuki-sensei, right?”

The hallway was filled with horrified gasps. No one wanted to disappoint Katsuki-sensei. That was unthinkable. Who would even dare?!

Mariana confidently walked into the classroom, her classmates trailing in after her. She always was a tiny bit fearless. “Excuse me,” she said, addressing the man. “Are you lost?”

The man smiled at her. “Ah! Are you one of Yuuri’s students?”

‘Wow, he was drop dead gorgeous,’ Mariana thought, heart constricting as she tried to school her expression into a stern looking one.

“Yes,” Mariana said. She licked her lips. “Who are you?”

“I’m Victor.”

Mariana’s brain stalled into a halt. She only knew one Victor who had any reason to be in this class right now. Behind her, the entire class screeched, “WHAT?!”

“Katsuki-sensei’s husband?” Mariana asked faintly. This… this was Victor? Katsuki-sensei married him? He married Katsuki-sensei? Her brain couldn’t compute.

Victor’s expression turned tender. It was the same lovesick expression that Katsuki-sensei wore all the time. “That’s me,” he said warmly.

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