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Why, if John was a Breath hero, was he still so silly Blood-style connected to sentimental memorabilia, like bunnies from the movies?

because Blood is the opposite of Breath, and everyone deals with their opposites in someway, either inverting into them or healthily integrating them to support their main role

John’s main exposure of his Mage of Blood subrole is during the three year trip with Jade where he gets so cramped up without freedom that he starts over analyzing and over intellectualizing the things he used to love and enjoy in their simple entertainment forms, and tear them to shreds because he starts perceiving those things as stupid and vapid

but otherwise in a healthy state, John enjoys his interests and things he cares about in a very silly, disnconnected way, with not a lot of serious attachment to the things themselves, but to the entertainment they provide to him, that’s an example where his Blood subrole would be healthily supporting his Breath role


I really really wish these weren’t blurry, because I really love these pictures!

Me as Dave Strider and my Boyfriend as John Egbert!

He hates Homestuck, I’ll be lucky if I can get him to do this again!
But god he makes an absolutely adorable John!!

Here are the second set of pictures from this shoot!:


Second set of JohnDave cosplay shots! 

Once again I really wish these pics weren’t a bit blurry, because I really love them! ((And I’m not sure I can get him to cosplay John for me again to try and take clearer pictures…i will try though!!))

Me as Dave Strider, and my Boyfriend as John Egbert!

The first set of pictures is here:

romancing the spitting image of your ex

and other free time activities, a memoir by dirk strider (10/21)

who can afford a consistent update schedule in this economy

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The game’s over; time to figure out what to do with his life. Get his shit together and start making smart, rational decisions? Hopefully. Maybe. If he really puts his mind to it.

…Who is he kidding, he’s a fucking disaster.

(Or, the one in which Dirk and John fall in love and nobody is straight, ever.)

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Relationships: John Egbert/Dirk Strider, Roxy Lalonde & Dirk Strider, Dave Strider & Dirk Strider
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