John Brannon

I’ve held a 1987 radio show tape of Detroit’s LAUGHING HYENAS, live on WCBN-Ann Arbor, close to my bosom for many years now, and I think it’s time to let this thing loose for the people.

I thought these guys were amazing at the time, especially live. 25, 26 years later I feel very distanced from their theatrics and hate-vibe sound, but I can still appreciate it at some neanderthal gut level. I wrote a piece about my 21st century thoughts on the Laughing Hyenas on my old Agony Shorthand blog here, which you can read if you have a couple minutes.

Meanwhile, there’s this digitized tape for you. You ought to hang around through the interview(s) with the band on this thing - they’re completely comic and nonsensical and full of quotables. I’ve been using “Joe Mama Angie Daddy” on unsuspecting rubes for years now!

Track listing:

Playground / 7 Come 11 / Sister Come Sh*t In My Mouth / Gabrielle / Stain / That Girl / Chuck’s Jism / Hell’s Kitchen / Love’s My Only Crime

DOWNLOAD - Laughing Hyenas, Live on WCBN, 6-22-1987


NEGATIVE APPROACH, live (full set and goofin’ interview!) in 1982 on the “Why Be Something You’re Not” cable access TV show.


The leadoff track from today’s record of the day. Mean riffs from Larissa Strickland.