Game of Thrones at the Oxford Union -…

The Game of Thrones actors and producers at the Oxford Union.
Featuring the creators David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss along with actors Kit Harington and John Bradley.

David Benioff: I would love to have Momoa back

Woman: If you could bring back any character you have killed, who would it be?

David: you saying bringing back for us .. do you mean for the show or do you mean just to have …? 

Woman: For who is your .. who would you like to see more … 

David: For ourselves? Jason Momoa. 

Dan: Jason and Pedro. Jason Momoa and Pedro Pascal probably. Together. As a couple.                                                                                                       

David: A good couple. Yeah Momoa was just you know … Momoa is kind of exactly what you would think. Momoa would be like… he is just more fun than anyone to hang out with, to have around on set and in fact we brought him back second season for a kinda dream sequence mainly so that we could have him back on set for a couple of days. And then i made the mistake of … we all went out drinking afterwards, Jason and Emilia clarke, Dan and I and we were drinking …… I was drinking too much and I said: ‘Momoa, come on lets play that mercy game you are so good at.’ Which is a game involving slapping hands. 

Dan: Momoa is 245 pounds 

David: yeah.I was really drunk. anyway … so I ended up in emergency room … but despite all that  … true story … despite all that I would love to have Momoa back. 


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