John Blake


Bane was a captain for a special ops team that worked with the CIA when they lost a solider in mission to Peña Duro. 

Bane and his second in command, Barsad were court marshaled afterwards because they scrapped the rest of the secret government mission to go search for Robin Blake.

Bane and Barsad were confined to the notorious prison known as the The Pit after the mission became public knowledge. 

When Bane and Barsad escaped with the help of their League of Shadows, their dark ops team, they vowed revenge on those who had planned and refused oermission for the team to search for Robin when they lost comms with Robin in Peña Duro.

When Bane and Barsad entered Wayne Enterprises, their hearts stopped. Robin stood proudly running the Wayne Enterprise board meeting. 

Who was Thomas Wayne and why did he look exactly like their dead best friend? 

Bane would not rest until Robin remembered who he really was before Peña Duro.


Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, there’s this cafe, on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I’d sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I’d see you there, with a wife and maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn’t say anything to me, nor me to you. But we’d both know that you’d made it, that you were happy. I never wanted you to come back to Gotham. I always knew there was nothing here for you, except pain and tragedy. And I wanted something more for you than that. I still do. -  Alfred

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Follow up to the piece about Bane and John working at the diner? All the little old ladies come in to chow down on the blue plate lunch special, all while swooning over John's and Bane's sweet flirty love and how attentive they are to each other. Og course, they may have noticed that John has lovely dimpled cheeks and a great bubble butt, and sometimes Bane wears this tight little t-shirt that shows his beautiful muscles...

LOL Oh those ladies. 


Dinner time became Bane’s favorite part of his shift.

Usually, John came in right at the start of the dinner rush and he would get out and wait on every single table that wasn’t already touched. He was sweet and kind and the old ladies that use to show up for the early bird special, began coming in a little later just to be waited on by John. They were generous with the tips too.

 When John would catch a break, he’d go see Bane, smile at him, talk to him, flirt with him and if they could, they’d sneak a kiss. When Bane went to bus tables and pick up the previous diner’s dishes, he and John would exchange looks and sometimes a kind word.

 They thought they were being discreet until one night as Bane picked up the dishes behind one of John’s usual tables, he heard John talking and being his sweet charming self when one of the old ladies said,

 “So sweetheart, you and the busboy seeing each other?”

 John gave a nervous laugh and said,

 “What? How did-”

 “You two aren’t subtle sweetie. Isn’t that right big guy?”

 Bane felt embarrassed as he looked over his shoulder and saw the old ladies looking at him, one of them wiggling her eyebrows at him. John laughed, bringing his hand to his mouth.

 “Um, yes we are. Sorry if we made you uncomfortable.”

 “Nah, no apology required.”

 Bane cleared his throat and took the bin of dirty dishes to the back.

 Later on, once the rush died down as Bane brought back a fresh stack of dishes to the back of the counter, John helped him out.


 “Hey. I’m taking my dinner break in ten minutes.”

 “Okay, I’ll see if I can too.”

 “You don’t have to.”

 “I want to. You know I love taking my break with you.”

 John put his hand on Bane’s forearm when he stood up straight, his hands now empty. He sighed a little to himself and said,

 “One of the ladies from earlier said I was a lucky man. Said you’re built like a tank. She made a comment about how tight your shirt is and appreciated it. I’m starting to think she has a point.”

 Bane cleared his throat nervously and John smiled at him.


 They both looked adoringly at each other when they heard a whistle from a table and John went back to work.

 The following evening, as Bane waited for John to come in for his shift, he saw his usual old ladies came in for the evening special. He brought them water because he knew they wouldn’t order until John came in. As he set down the glasses, one of them, the loudest most brazen one said,

 “Where’s your boyfriend?”

 “His shift is about to start, he’ll be here in a moment.”

 “He’s a sweet boy. You’re lucky to have him.”

 Bane nodded, rubbing his hands against the apron around his waist.

 “And that behind! Wowie…”

 “Ruth!” Exclaimed one of the other ladies.

 Bane cleared his throat again and the other lady said,

 “She means his smile. Those dimples are adorable.”

 Bane nodded in agreement when the brazen one said,

 “I’d like to see the other set of dimples.”

 She was waved off again and Bane excused himself, feeling a little embarrassed that he had, had his own similar thoughts.

 When Bane and John took their dinner break and had a chance to catch up, Bane avoided telling them about the conversation with Ruth and the other ladies but when John smiled, he had to agree, those dimples were adorable and Bane sighed a little to himself.


John can’t believe that Bane is helping him to defend Gotham against the darkness. But that doesn’t mean Bane is easy to get along with. Sometimes (a lot of the time) John wants to strangle Bane. The man was so infuriating and egotistical.

But John also started seeing the Bane hidden under the mask. The man who raised Talia. The man who believes in people even when there’s nothing left to believe in.


The Dark Knight Rises • John Robin Blake » "Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be angry, in your bones. I mean, they understand, foster parents, everybody understands, for awhile. Then they want the angry little kid to do something he knows he can’t do, move on. So after awhile they stop understanding. They send the angry kid to a boys home. I figured it out too late. You gotta learn to hide the anger, practice smiling in the mirror. It’s like putting on a mask.“ 


I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss. I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of their descendants, generations hence. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.


Bane and Barad escape from Gotham after the occupation with help from John. 

John can’t believe that he fell in love with a terrorist, in fact, he’s fallen in love with two of them. 

Barsad and Bane are working with the League of Shadows but refuse to let John become part of their shady underworld. 

John retaliates by travelling the world and enticing them to come find him.