@odetoo drew me this pic of a Cello Playing Ozai for my birthday back in June and I’m finally getting around to coloring it and I’m having So Much Fun. :D I’ve never colored an actual person before (the only coloring I’ve done has been in those fanciful Johanna Basford coloring books) so I don’t really know how Human Bodies And Skin work so I’m winging it, but I think I’m doing okay. :P

Owls and feathers have always been important symbols to me. They represent my love of reading, writing, and learning; and inspire me to do more of all those things. Day 16 of the November challenge by @jou  

 NOTE: This feather illustration is NOT MINE, it was traced from the coloring book Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. 

 Pen: Pilot E95S, Extra Fine (writing) and Eversharp Doric (drawing) Ink: Diamine Oxblood (writing) and Diamine Ancient Copper (drawing) Writing Sounds: text notifications from @chatoyantquill

Coloring Books For Grown-Ups: You loved coloring when you were a kid, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue exercising that love well into adulthood, for purposes of fun, self-expression, and de-stressing. Limber up those fingers!

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Why Adults Are Buying Coloring Books (For Themselves)

“If someone saw you coloring in one of my books, they wouldn’t give you a weird look, because it’s the same kind of artwork you would see on a champagne bottle,” illustrator Johanna Basford told me. “The artwork itself is sophisticated––not like a car or a bunny with a bow in its hair.”

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So Quantico 2×17

● Nimah and Felix 🔥 I SHIP THEM ALREADY OK? Make it happen.
● Felix you goddam gorgeous person!! Gosh that face! Where do they even find such beautiful people?! I need him to be in each episode of Quantico from now!
● The scene where Owen asks Alex to help him become the man he really was was touching. Owen is such an amazing, deep and thoughtful person… he never really got the love he deserved. I just hope somehow he does, bc he’s clearly an amazing person inside out. Also what an incredible artist Blair Underwood is! There’s literally no faults in his acting, he’s PERFECT!
● I need Alex to get over Ryan. I so dislike the scenes where she excessively cares about Ryan. This is not who you are Alex, you’re way better. And it was her decision to stay far from each other for some time, what is she doing now?!
● Raina I know you’re mad at Nimah but everyone got that Nimah is lot more than her mistakes but you. She’s too harsh to her sister! Nimah is gem despite everything she did. And now she’s sacrificing herself for her sister… this does make me love and respect Nimah even more but at the same time, I so don’t want it to happen! :’(
● WHERE IS MY BABY HARRY?! I need him to be back asap! Episodes are not the same without him.
● And ladies and gentlemen, Leon is officially declared dead. I want to die too now. He was one of my favs. 😭
● I know that Caleb will always be Caleb and he is irreplaceable, but I’m honestly loving Clay too. And I don’t see the need of bringing Caleb back unless it’s for few scenes (which is probably what’s going to happen imo). Clay is a nice person. He has started to care about his group. He loves his job. He’s dedicated. He always tries to give his 100%. I’m growing fond of him. But please don’t let him sleep with Shelby, it would be ridiculous and I would probably loose all my respect for him.

● What was the last scene tho?! Sebastian what are your problems?!