can I just make some observations about this quickly

- Bo looks like a pimp with that badass jacket that I hope isn’t real fur but I bet it isn’t real because Bo’s a nice guy
- Silas looks really good. Better than any other photo of him ever.
- Johan looks like Rachel Weisz. 
- Jonas looks like he’s holding Bo’s hand. 
- Bo looks like he’s missing a tooth.
- Johan’s teeth are bigger than Jonas’s (wow) (maybe not actually, Jonas has a pretty badass set of chompers and they’re all straight and shiny white too mmm)
- Jonas’s hair position makes it look like his left eye is melting out of its socket slowly. Or like someone went at it with a butter knife. Idk man what even. Click high res.
- everyone has nice hair. 


Mew - “Russle” - Live at Northside Festival 2014 (by Jesper Karmark)


  • Start
  • Mew
  • No More Stories EP

Mew || Start

They are useless hiccup cures
All except that trick of yours
No one to leave the light on
To help you choose the right song
I try do right, but it’s wrong
Nothing feels right with you gone
Over hedges high
Climbs a smiling spy
Who now will shift your shoelace?
And wipe the crumbs off your face?
No one should get what you got
Nothing should end where you start