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Och han gr det bra. BruttFilmen r skapad av samma gng som gjorde dramakomedin Arkusan Martinsson och Brutt fungerar som en fristende prequel till den och flera karaktrer frn Arkusan terkommer. Being unemployed means being broke,. Actors: Bebben, Patrik Lindstrm, Zacharias Malm, Albin Olsson, Erik Rydberg, Henrik Sjman, Pelle Skoglund, Nadine Dawod, Ebba Johansson, Cecilia Krantz, Robin Lindh,. Arkusan Martinsson (2009)Movie: Arkusan Martinsson (2009) Arkusan is 23 years old, unemployed and still living with his mother. How To Deal With Telemarketers. Vampire City. Som r i kta Kevin Smith-anda.. Arkusan Martinsson (Spec. Nothing by choice. SUPERLINOPURO.COMMin vn Jimmy gr film. arkusan martinsson (2009) Martinsson (2009)Movie: Arkusan Martinsson (2009). ALLA MSTE BUDA!!!11!1!!!!111111111. Brutt Teaser Trailer English SubtitlesA new movie from Super Lino Puro/Schalima the creators of Arkusan Martinsson!Arkusan Martinsson - 2009Nu har tiden kommit! Jag har ftt mitt frsta recensionsexemplar p en film utan att jag har behvt kpa eller sno den frn ntet! S hll i hatten s kr vi. DVD-info:. Arkusan MartinssonFirst-time director Jimmy Johansson;s movie about a 23-year old shiftless and unemployed Brunkaby town-y is reminiscent of Richard Linklater;s early work Slacker. man kan nog kalla det nollbudget d kostnaden r mycket lg och att de medverkande r bekanta till filmaren.

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Torsk På Tallinn - En Liten Film Om Ensamhet (Screwed in Tallinn - A Small Film About Loneliness. Tomas Alfredson, 1999).

I am Swedish, and I am a lover of cinema. I’m very proud of the Swedish film tradition, from great directors like Victor Sjöström and Ingmar Bergman, to contemporary ones like Roy Andersson and Ruben Östlund. I am also very proud to have some of the greatest actresses of all time from Sweden, like Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and, more recently, Alicia Vikander. And although I’m not always a fan of the Swedish films that get big international exposure (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The 100-Year-Old Man, Searching for Sugar Man), I’m still happy to see that Swedish film is alive.

Since I am very proud of this film heritage I would like to talk about a fantastic piece of Swedish filmmaking that - if you live outside of Sweden - you have probably never heard of. That is the film above, Torsk På Tallinn. Torsk På Tallinn is a 59 minute made-for-TV mockumentary about a group of Swedish single men who travel to Estonia to meet women. They travel on a poorly organized bus to Paldiski where they engage in a speed-dating setup on a hotel. The movie is very small and contained, and - I cannot stress this enough - very, very sad. It’s a bitter-sweet comedy on being alone, and is sometimes the painful epitome of Swedish behavior. From an outside perspective the characters might seem like bizarro caricatures, but - unfortunately - they aren’t. The movie ranges from laugh out loud funny, to awkward, to heartbreakingly sad.

It’s directed by Tomas Alfredson, who has also made Four Shades of Brown (2004), Let the Right One In (2008) and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2012).

The movie can be found, in its entirety and with English subtitles on YouTube (here!) and I sincerely recommend that you watch it. If you see it as a non-Sweden, please tell me what you think.