wtf is up with Trader Helsdim?

Okay, sure. He’s a crazy conspiracy theorist collecting wacked out pamphlets on Moon Men and hoarding piles of cheese, but his theories have a way of panning out.

Not only does he thwart Duke Genelle’s conspiracy against the Inquisitor, Helsdim’s fixation with mysterious “chalk markings” sounds an awful lot like the Executors, while those “Ley Lines” remind me of what the Band of Three discovered about the rune-like layout of streets in Kirkwall.

And then there’s this:

A snake eating its tail, with some sort of astral chart (perhaps the moons of Thedas). You know where else we see this rune? When Kieran transfers Urthemiel’s soul to Flemeth.

Sure, Helsdim is one box of Reynold’s Wrap shy of a tinfoil hat, but the game’s designers are pretty thoughtful folk. We saw our first dragon-winged Mythal all the way back in the Dalish Warden’s origin story, so I can’t help but think it may be some sort of clue.

Not because of a single rune, but because of the sheer number of assets shared between the OGB Fade sequence and Stone Bear Hold.

Remember the colossal statue looking out over Cloudcap Lake?

It appears to be The Guide (aka Falon’Din), which is the first thing you see after popping out of the eulvian. In the Fade, he’s points in the general direction of two Avvar corpses hanged from Dead Hand.

What makes me think they’re Avvar corpses? Because we have a chance to see one up close and personal while helping Gyda Myrdotten prepare Caldan Enversen‘s sky burial.

Right. So back to that macabre dinner table (which really bears some sort of analysis of its own. Is that Grey Warden heraldry on the chairs? Why is there a Qunari symbol? What do the six place settings represent?).

The freaky meal consists of two human skulls, a whole fish, a sliced pie, and the severed heads of a goat and a boar.

You know where else we can find the severed heads of a boar and a goat? In Trader Helsdim’s hut, where he’s fashioned them into some sort of ritualistic poppets.

What does it all mean? Hell if I know, but I’m left with the distinct impression that Helsdim may be more than a raving crackpot.

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Honduras, a small Central American country known for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world, with the most violent city in the world, needs your helps. In 2009 there was a Coup d'état to then president, Manuel Zelaya. This was a gruesome event to Honduras, there was a national curfew for more than a month, most of the times being at 6pm or earlier. Honduras was suspended from OAS. It established a declining economy, increasing violence, and just plain uncertainty on what was going to happen next. Now, less than 6 years later, this could happen again…

In 2014 it was revealed that there was a multimillion-dollar embezzlement of Social Security funds, in fact it was more than $335 MILLION. 

Recently it was discovered that part of that money was to finance the campaign of a political party, this money was to finance the campaign of the current Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández, who is rumored to have actually bought is way to the top. At first it was denied, but after many of the checks from the institute to the political party’s account were published on social media they decided to come clean.

The President acknowledged his party received part of the money taken from the Social Security Institute, basically admitting involvement in the theft. 

The public has opened their eyes, and have taken all over social media, organizing torch marches all over the country, with the theme “RENUNCIA JOH” asking the president to resign. 

All around the world, Hondurans are protesting, 

New Orleans:

THOUSANDS of men, women and children died because the only hospital they could afford to go (Social Security Institute) was unequipped, because of the lack of funds. 

Honduras’ newspapers refuse to share information about what is really happening, censoring information, and even blocking CNN because “its content wasn’t approved for Honduran public”. President Juan Orlando Hernandez responded to the marches by making some for himself, one in La Ceiba where he forced people working for the government to attend and take 2 guest, if not they would lose their jobs. The other march he made for himself was at Tegucigalpa, were he PAID people form a poor sector to attend, he paid then about $2.50. 

Now we are asking you to sign this petition: