I knew you from a dream (In another world AU)

Raven and Joseph (Teen Titans)

Raven stops in her tracks and her eyes widen impossibly. As the boy she just bumped into and crashed with to the floor opens his eyes she is transfixed. She knows him. She knows him. He has green bright eyes she remebers so well; wide and inocent and expresive. Golden gurls she’s sure if she’d touched theid be the softed thing she’d had lade her fingers on.

He’s still surprised that the ended up on the floor but it passes. He looks apologetic and with gentle hands he helps her up and pats away some dirth on her hads from when she stoped herself from crashing on top of him. Raven looks at his back discretly, it was waaaay dirtier than her barely stained hands. 

“I… I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying atention.” She knows him too much. She knows him to little. All Raven knows is it can’t be a coincidence. The blond smiles almost shyly at her, his checks pink with embarasment for colading with her too.

“I…” Raven doesn’t know what to say. She’s seen him in her dreams for a long time now. He’s there, always; silent as she listenst to her, as they walk the empty parks, as they look to the city at night. “I know you.” She suddenly says “Knew you, umm…” It feels foolish and it probably is too. the boy looks confused at her.

“I knew you from a dream.” They are quiet. But Raven can tel he’s listening to her, just as he alwys has. She shakes her head, feeling stupid for her words and even more stpid from what she’s about to say. “I’m sorry, I know this is weird.” She diberts her eyes from him but she can still see him as the blond smiles lightly at her antics “Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” 

His eyes are wide at her question, but it doesn’t take long for him to nod. It’s strange how their relationship came to be.

I’m just rambling all over this AU, probably things will change. I corrected, or at least tried to, my inconformance with Ravens her and she just ended up looking more like her cartoon version hehe. I’ll keep working on it.

I’m already drawing the coffee scene, and gosh is that a sign that this AU is taking too much from me. I should stop.


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