“The rest of the Titans ships Beast Boy and Raven, their teammates often tries to get them together.”

((Inaccurate. Very inaccurate, so wrong that I get annoyed every time I see a post about this because canonically…the Titans ships Raven and Joey together. 

Not kidding…they even formed a little club dedicated to their ship!

And sorry if this post offends you but…just throwing in my opinion…


Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers

Joey Roth Design Studio was founded in 2008 with the release of the Sorapot, a minimalist, stainless steel teapot. In 2010, Joey introduced his Ceramic Speakers, which quickly garnered acclaim for their beautiful design and rich sound quality.

These stunning ceramic speakers connect directly to: iPods, Laptop and Desktop computers, turntables, and are made from Porcelain and Baltic birch plywood, cork, aluminum and cast iron. 

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