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Can u show us more of ur WIPs before I literally have a heart attack out of excitement?? I'm so hyped for what's coming next omg (If not sorry!!!!!! :( I'm not trying to be rude )

i can show u this Warmup, if u’d like. 

most things are still in the planning stage at this point, but i’m narrowing in more on the ideas that i want to act upon. things have only gotten more precise and better as i work things around, so i’m p excite

In the best possible way, you have absolutely wrecked me. You see, I fell in love with you knowing that there was never any possibility of being with you. Knowing full well that a sizable chunk of your heart will always be wrapped up in our friend. And that much was actually okay with me right up to the point the you actually chose me. Because then you just turned everything in its head. And I got everything that I wanted…
—  Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek

I was making icon for the Clockwork OCs that are entered in the Hunger Games thing so far -> ((there are 12 slots still open btw))

And I just couldn’t stop laughing when I noticed this! XD 
@queeniiicorn said I should show this on tumblr, so here you go! 

One of these things is not like the other~

One of these things is– GDI, JOEY!

((P.S. Joey is Cass’ OC, but she doesn’t have a picture for him yet, so had to put a stand-in of what he kinda looks like))

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(p.3 take two!) Whenever Joey got sick, he sometimes ended up throwing up. His parents would usually call Henry over (he lives across the street, how convenient) to calm him down. They'd both just be sitting on the couch- well, Joey would be laying under a blanket -happy because they had each other, Joey leaning up against his lover, red-faced and exhausted. He'd fall asleep because Henry would be kissing him on the head. How sweet! -M.B.

Joey’s parents would apologize to Henry’s family if they made him sick once he returned home, but Henry’s almost never got sick and even if he did, Henry had a better fighting chance at getting better than Joey.  Joey would sometimes apologize for smelling like vomit and sweat when they kissed still though.  Joey liked cats, so sometimes if Joey’s parents were okay with it, he’d bring over his black cat (that may or may not have partially inspired Bendy, his cat was a hellion to all except Henry/Joey) to cheer Joey up.  Henry named him Georgie.  -Admin Lei