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Intimacy (a playlist to listen to with that special someone) - link

Japanese Denim - Daniel Ceasar

 Go Fuck Yourself - Two Feet

Teenage Fever - Drake

Work Song - Hozier

Your Eyes - Joey Pecoraro

… and many more

Love Beneath Our Sails
Love Beneath Our Sails

*recommended to listen through headphones*
*apologies for the audio’s low quality*

Inspired by @crimson-chains and @lucycamui ‘s siren!collab…Captain Viktor playing on the fiddle.

Technically, there wasn’t supposed to be a piano but because Yuuri’s represented the instrument, I wanted to include a piano accompaniment to Viktor’s moving part. Because no matter how I listened to it, Viktor and Yuuri complement each other and I wanted to represent that.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Canon Birthdays

According to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki, this is all the characters whose birthdays have been declared canon. To help everyone out, I’ve put them all here in order.


Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler - 25


Ryoji Otogi/Duke Devlin - 28


Ryota Kajiki/Mako Tsunami - 1


Ishizu Ishtar - 5

Hiroto Honda/Tristan Taylor - 19

May (none)


Yugi Mutou - 4


Mokuba Kaiba - 7

Insector Haga/Weevil Underwood - 21

Atem/Yami Yugi - 26


‘Bandit’ Keith Howard - 12

Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardener - 18


Ryou Bakura - 2


Solomon Mouto/Sugoroku Muto/Grandpa - 4

Pegasus J. Crawford/Maximilion Pegasus - 8

Thief King Bakura - 25

Seto Kaiba - 25


Kujaku Mai/Mai Valentine - 20


Marik Ishtar - 23

Rex Raptor - 29

My First Desire
My First Desire

Inspired by @crimson-chains ‘s recent illustration to the Dance Series~…Flamenco Allure

Desire is the lone heartbeat that guides us to do what we want. But in a dance like this, was it better for Yuuri to lead or for Viktor? Or simply, their hands brushed against the other’s. A momentary red gaze from one to the other before they strode across the deck. Yuuri’s wings arched back with specks of red spreading across the deck like an autumn fire. Viktor arched his own wings and followed Yuuri’s lead.

But when the struts were said and done, Viktor intertwined his fingers with Yuuri’s and began the second half of the allure.