Came back from seeing Ghostbusters

And I can say this………………

It was really enjoyable! I think the standouts of the cast were not the more well known names of Melissa McCarthy (loved her in Spy) and Kristen Wiig, but in fact Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. I really liked the dynamic the four of them had and what they brought to the movie. Chris Hemsworth paid the inept receptionist perfectly too. I was laughing through all of it, and jumped a few times too. Overall, I would see it again, and I can’t say that about a lot of remakes (anyone remember Total Recall or Dredd?). I also enjoyed spotting the cameos throughout. Hey, I will admit that not everyone will enjoy it (for valid reasons or utterly stupid ones), but for me, I don’t regret spending the money to see it, and that is what counts.