Joel Thomas Zimmerman


It’s been so long, I’ve been out of my body with you
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true
You took me to a place where my senses gave way
Turn it round, shut it down, what the people say
Climbing up, killin’ time, let ‘em give you some
Take my hand and let it come, let it come, let it

© Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n’ Stuff

FW ink Painting of celebrity house music producer Deadmaus 5/ Joel Thomas Zimmerman
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can we just respect that deadmau5 is such a fucking nerd even though he’s a millionaire?


he got a fucking zelda heart tattoo

 so then he’s just always a fucking heart and a half low

and then he runs around with his fucking shield

sometimes wearing his fucking expensive as hell mau5 head

and will, on occasion, battle his fucking cat

and that he still updates his fucking tumblr.

he is literally what all of us would be if we became millionaires.

you’re welcome.