Starting With Your Heart

A fluffy, sugary-sweet Friday present for you all, and especially @raffinit and @anne1marie. Cass, thanks for helping me stick even more alcohol into this one, ha!

This takes places in my “Home Is Not Places” modern AU. It’s a very happy AU, so if you want to read more, go here. This story is also on AO3.

Tommy’s first mistake was giving Joel a bottle of Lagavulin’s on the morning of the wedding.

His second mistake, half an hour later, after Joel had taken several generous pulls directly from the bottle as he put on his tux, was mentioning Stacy.

“This can’t go any worse than the last time you did it, right?” Tommy said, reaching carefully for the Scotch, which Joel nabbed off the hotel room dresser and held out of his younger brother’s reach. Joel gave Tommy a murderous glare as he brought the bottle to his lips again and took a particularly long drink.

Tommy sighed. “Joel. You can’t show up to your own weddin’ drunk off your ass.”

“Try me,” Joel deadpanned as he examined the third of the bottle that remained.

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