I honestly think that Joe would make a great model

I mean have you seen him?

He’s frickin perf


with glasses and beanie



Or without them

He even looks good inside a freakin box


He has the most beautiful lips


the most glorious eyes

he has FOBulous hair too

very FOBulous hair


plus he’s good with animals

which means he could model with them




would be such a great model

Happy Holidays, all! I really want you all to know that I appreciate your mutual follows and being able to see you on my dash! Being able to come on this website surely has changed my life, and I have you all to thank for it! This is just a simple token of my appreciation for (some of) my favorite blogs - I hope you all have wonderful holidays!

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Well, once again, thank you all so much for a wonderful year! I do want to briefly mention that I had a lot of blogs to go through and between that and holiday urls, it is likely some people got missed. For that, I do apologize, and if you feel like you or someone else deserved to be on here, then drop by and tell me so! If not, you can still check out my blogroll for all the amazing blogs I might have missed.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and end of the year!! :*

the universe asked for more joetroh facts so here we go 

Joe Troh collects wires, of all shapes, sizes and uses, whether or not he needs them. 

While joe troh did not write for a lot of the first few FOB albums, he did specifically co-write The Pros And Cons Of Breathing and 7 Minutes In Heaven with pstump 

Joe Troh’s least favorite music video to shoot was I Don’t Care, for obvious reasons.

Joe Troh’s favorite song off of Soul Punk is Explode

Joe Troh has had a New Zealand Kiwi bird adopted under his name by an interviewer at coup de maine magazine

If he were to be turned into a teenage mutant ninja turtle, joe troh thinks he would be Raphael

Joe Troh has been in countless bands other than fall out boy, but the two he did during the hiatus were The Damned Things, a heavy metal supergroup consisting of members of fob, anthrax, and every time i die, and With Knives, which was a collaboration project between him and his best friend, Josh Newton, who was also in the Damned Things. The Damned Things released one album, Ironiclast, and With Knives had one EP, called Shadenfreude. 

Unlike most of his other projects, for With Knives, joe troh did vocals. 

Joe Troh was the last to agree to go off of hiatus, and only did so after a three hour long phone call with pstump agreeing that he would have a larger part in the band and the writing for it, which he had previously felt excluded from. 

Joe Troh has a french bulldog named Louis, and a tattoo of him on his left thigh. 

these have been Joe Troh facts.