Melvins - Roman Bird Dog






“That was the perfect idea. You have all your best pals on there being groovy and making it interesting. I mean if I had a ‘special’, I’d like to, you know, have a few people who mean something to me.” -George, Concert For George book website, Genesis Publications


I just got stuck in a Melvins hole on the internet. The first time I ever saw them was in this era, before I could even drive. I walked up to their 21+ show in Alabama, walked right up to Buzzo standing by their van and started complaining about how I loved their band but couldn’t get in. He could’ve walked into the bar. He could’ve ignored me. He could’ve told me to go away, but he listened and said “Yeah, that sucks. We’ll get you in right before we play.” They went in to set up their gear and I thought that was it. I would be stuck listening to them outside. A few minutes later, Buzz came out the side door and said “You ready?” We walked in the front door of the club. The door guy blocked me from coming in and Buzzo said “He’s gotta come in! He’s our drummer! We’ll get him out of here right after the set.” Buzz pushed me through the crowd with his hands on my shoulders, all the way up to the front of the stage, stepped past me, picked up his guitar and blasted through an amazing set. Like, truly amazing. Life changing. So loud and fucked up. 

   After their set, I bolted out the side door to leave. I wanted to tell him thanks, but the band was swarmed by fans. Buzz looked over some people and we waved to each other. I walked home. It was great. I ran into Buzz in a parking lot 15 years later and got to say thanks and he remembered the whole thing. This is one of the reasons the Melvins mean a lot to me and have been a weird influence to me for most of my life.