I find it amazing the amount of things you notice when u rewatch ur fave tv show/movie that u didn’t notice the first time. I’ve been rewatching Band of Brothers non stop and besides noticing my precious cinnamon roll faves (*cough* Babe and Gene) in the background/crowds it’s shit like this…?

What are you even doing with your mouth, Buck?

Or stuff that’s not even in the background just things happening at the same time, example: 

I shit u not it took me 5 rewatches to actually notice what Liebgott was saying. Also I love Webster’s little head tilt like “srsly Liebgott?” and the responding smirk. This scene is gold.


LOOK AT GRANT. Look at that shit eating grin. Grant and Liebgott look like high school bullies picking on Webster and I love it.

Honestly, this post is just an excuse for some random BoB moments and a PSA about Charles Grant’s face.