Matthew Gray Gubler as Joe Harper (Band of Robbers, 2016)

You know Tom, honestly, before you got the gang together, I was all, being a hermit and dying alone in this unfeeling world but you gave me the opportunity to try pirating and … I can’t really see myself doing anything else so I guess I’d just say, “Here lies Joe Harper, in heaven with God, Great job



The Signs as DCTV Guys
  • Aries: Hartley Rathaway
  • Taurus: Leonard Snart
  • Gemini: Roy Harper
  • Cancer: Oliver Queen
  • Leo: Ray Palmer
  • Virgo: Cisco Ramon
  • Libra: Winn Schott
  • Scorpio: Joe West
  • Sagittarius: John Diggle
  • Capricorn: Barry Allen
  • Aquarius: Wally West
  • Pisces: James Olsen
Assorted Tom Sawyer headcanons

(have had these in my notes, and my head, for a while, but it seemed like a good time to post them):

  1. Every now and then, one of the mothers of St. Petersburg gets really fed up with Huck’s hair and drags him into a house and cuts it for him. They have to actually hold him down while doing this because he hisses and bites and kicks, and usually it comes out really uneven, but it’s actually convenient for him in the long run because it gets in his face otherwise.
  2. Joe Harper used to be a really good kid and now his parents are in despair because he won’t stop hanging out with those two vagabonds Sawyer and Finn. It’s really keeping them up at night. 
  3. Unlike most of the older villagers, Tom’s Cousin Mary has zero antagonism toward Huck Finn. Because she has a sense of humor and doesn’t take things too seriously, she sees him for the harmless lout that he is. She treats him in the same friendly, mocking way she treats Tom and he knows that if he wants an apple he can just drop by while Aunt Polly is out of the house.
  4. And even though Mary thinks Aunt Polly doesn’t know about this, the truth is that she does and she turns a blind eye toward it. She may not approve of Huck as a friend for Tom, but her soft old heart is sorry for him, poor motherless thing that he is. (It’s the same quarrel–between her sense of what is dutiful and her sense of what is kind–that makes it difficult for her to discipline Tom.)
  5. Sid likes Amy Lawrence. He was mad with jealousy when Tom and she became engaged (which was one of the most fun things about said engagement, from Tom’s end) and he completely approved of Becky Thatcher’s intrusion because it gave him a chance. After all, Amy is a smart girl and she needs someone more mature than that flighty Tom, doesn’t she? Now if only Sid had any idea how to propose…