Dating Colby Brock Would Include:

-Cuddles for days

-stealing his XPLR merch because it smells like him

-going to abandoned places with him and sam

-being his camera girl


-smacking your butt

-him being v romantic

-”i love youuu”

-”i love you more”

-him trying to make you dinner but almost burning the house down.

-coming out to fans with a musically even after he deleted the app

-being in every TFIL video

-Sam always trying to make Colby jealous

-Colby being wayyy protective

-”baby it’s fine, Sam’s like an older brother”

-cuddling with him on the couch when everyone hangs out

-sleeping in his room because your scared after sam did a 3am challange

-”i’ll protect you princess”

-“babe it’s a DEMON”

-endless movie nights

-going with Aaron to Sams to make sure he doesn’t forget any of Colby’s favorite snacks

-freak in the sheets

-insane daddy kink

-caring after a rough night

-Sam making fun of you because you’re limping

-”damn Colby, how hard did you go”

“SAM STOP IT” you say laughing 

- basically being the best boyfriend ever

Joe Masterpost

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lazy days // jack maynard

summary: the buttercreams tease jack for being whipped. 

requested: yes thank you! 

“can you do a cute fluffy imagine where jack and the reader are having a lazy day and the buttercream join them and teased him about being in love” 

warnings: none I believe! 

pairing: jack maynard x reader

a/n: I’ve never seen the notebook so sorry if the timeline doesn’t really add up or I said something completely different to what happens in the movie but it was the first one that came to mind, sorry!

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Chocolatemillkk Masterpost ! 💖

It’s finally here, the long awaited masterpost! Btw it’s sorted alphabetically so the stories beside one another aren’t separate parts of the same story! Enjoy! <3


Buttercream Christmas (Byron, Josh, Jack, Conor, & Joe only)

Kid Brother (Joe Sugg-six parts total!)

Meet Cute (The whole buttercream gang has one)


JM: Act Like You Love MeI Miss YouJust FriendsPeaceful Beginning The HallwayYoungbloodWhen I Was Your Man

CM: DeclineIn My BloodWalking in the WindLost in ParisMonopolyQuestioning our Love SongReforget

JS: Super Far Being Yours

JP: Heavy

Joe (JS)

A Bad BoyfriendA MomentApologiesA Sick Anniversary

Baby Steps Brazen Blue-Eyed Boy

Christmas MiracleChristmas Shop

Distracted Empty Space

Fireworks + ForgivenessFirst Class UpgradeForgotten Memory

Harmless Kisses

Ice RinkIn LoveInsecurities

Livestream ConfessionLess Complicated (II) • Long Time ComingLong Way to NowLost Passion

New AdditionNo Doubt

Ocean PrankOld Flame


Rooftop Reunion

Ski Trip


Unrequited Until Next TimeUpset

Walk of ShameWhipped

Youtube Confessional

Jack (JM)

A Different Side of Love

Bitter now BetterBoys Trip


Equestrian Accident

IntimidatedIt’s About Time

Jack’s Cat

Nervous Flier

One Day

Pregnancy Prank

Conor (CM)

Conor in Trouble


Flower Petals (two parts)

IdeaInstagram Insult

Keeping Secrets + Part 2

Two’s Company

Josh (JP)


Everything I Need


Meeting the ParentsMine


Y/N’s Boyfriend

Mikey (MP)

Sliding Doors

Byron (BL)

Instagram Addict

Surprise Reunion

Year-End Party


Darkest Before the Dawn


Jaspar playing Truth or dare