Ron! You had me going there for a minute, buddy.
Oh yeah. Sorry about that, pal. It was just…everything she was saying, you know, and it feels like I couldn’t…I don’t know.
Even if that’s…how she did feel about you and me…well, it wouldn’t matter. ‘Cause you’re my best friend. I would never…do anything to hurt you. Because I love you.
I love you too, man.

A Very Potter Musical (2009), dir. Matt and Nick Lang

Favourite Starkid scenes

Just a heads up that none of theses gifs are my own … these are my top 10 favourite scenes from any of the Starkid productions:

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“Sure, we have to go back home for the summer, but imagine how totally awesome going back is going to be. Until then I’ve gotta go back to the Muggle world. They’re gonna try to tell me that this wasn’t real and none of this happened, but you know what? It was real. It did happen. We spent time here, we made friends here. It’s a part of us. Hogwarts is bigger than any of us, bigger than its founders and it’s gonna be here long after we’re gone. Maybe we’ll see our kids come here one day. That’s the thing about Hogwarts see, no matter how long you’re away from it, there’s always a way back.”

(Darren Criss in A Very Potter Sequel)

“Harry Potter, he helped me once. He taught me something. He taught me that it’s alright to let go of things that hurt us. He taught me to open my heart up to what’s new. Harry Potter gave me a new family. He taught me how to love. I guess that’s kind of what Harry Potter is all about. But you know there comes a time when you have to move on. A time when we have to let even Harry Potter go. And that’s ok.”

(Joe Walker in A Very Potter Senior Year)

Ah, the two famous speeches also known as I’m not crying, you’re crying!

i went on my laptop to watch one scene from a very potter musical cause i couldn’t remember how a song went, and then i ended up watching all three musicals and i don’t know how that happened oh my gosh