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Back in the middle of June, Origami attended CAKE and got the opportunity to talk to some of the greatest independent comic artists in the US, such as Jason Shiga and Joe Tallarico. We look forward to learning more about Chicago’s hidden gems and hopefully work with a wider scope of talented illustrators. CAKE Chicago has a tumblr which we follow and spotted another open call for Origami artists to participate in. Click here to read more!


The Company of Others: Joe Tallarico

Joe Tallarico is Chicago based artist who knows what he’s talking about. An avid fan and alternative comic scholar, Tallarico has written about the subject for the Art Institute of Chicago and is the Comics Editor for Lumpen Magazine- as well an active member of Chicago’s Trubble Club. With all that under his belt he still manages to produce amazing artworks reminiscent of The Hairy Who’s Karl Wirsam and underground comics legend R. Crumb.

The figures in Tallarico’s pieces are thoroughly considered and his drawing ability is unparalleled. His approach is that of an old master mixed with 60’s/70’s psychedelia and the constant bombardment of today’s mass media. Stark contrast mixes with pops of color, lines vibrate and act as movement, and the abstraction of the form is inherent. Welcomingly absent in Tallarico’s pieces are pop references and the ‘cute’, but look close enough and you’ll find well placed tongue in cheek humor.

See more of Joe Tallarico’s pieces for ‘The Company of Others’ here.

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Jim Stoten
Paul Windle
Adi Goodrich
Kate Prior
Ben Sanders
Clay Hickson
Liana Jegers
Ellen Van Engelen
Joe Tallarico
Pete Gamlen
Jean Jullien
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