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Mis•take - Chapter 4 - Jaspar fanfiction


Surprise, a new chapter! I am home in germany, from my vacation, so i don’t know how much I will write here…



Disclaimer: This story is completly fictional and nothing in here really happend

Info: I don’t really know any…


“Do you want to stay the night?”, Caspar asked, after they cleaned themselves up a little. Joe looked up to him and nodded lightly: “If that’s okay. I don’t want to explain my sister right now, why I look like a mess” “Sure, lay down, I’ll just go downstairs for a moment, the party died off a little, but I think a few people are still there”, he explained and Joe nodded, cuddling himself into the bed.

“Caspar Lee”, Zoe said, laying an arm around him. “You spend you own party, in your room, what is wrong with you, bro?” “Nothing, I just had this… girl… over… but she already left”, he explained. “We’re about to leave as well, but we wanted to say goodbye to you”, Marcus explains. “Sure, have fun”, Caspar said, smiling lightly. “Is Joe still here? ”, Jim asked. “Nah, he probably went with some girl”, Zoe said and they all said goodbye before leaving. Caspar quickly went back into his own room, where Joe was laying in his bed. “Hi, babyboy”, he whispered, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy, basically spooning him. “Why did you do this?”, Joe whispered. “What?”, Caspar replied. “Have sex with me. You turn down everyone”, he explained. “Maybe, I needed to blow of some steam, and maybe I knew that you are really submissive, even if you don’t want to admit it” “H-how do you know?”, Joe asked. “Next time you finger yourself, while thinking of me,you better close the window and pull the curtains down” Joe blushed. “Oops?”, he said. “Don’t worry, it was a nice little show” “Pervert” “It was your fault, you screamed my name, with your window open, what do you expected me to do? Ignore it?” Joe didn’t reply. “Good Night babyboy”, Caspar said, kissing his neck one last time. “Night daddy”

“I’m home”, Joe screamed, walking into the living room, just to find a note from his parents ‘Hi, we are at your grandparents till Tuesday. Zoe is in charge. No tattoos, no piercings, no parties. Have fun ~ Mum and Dad’ Only moments later Zoe stood next to him. “Oh god, what happened you?”, she asked. “Nothing I’m fine”, Joe said, walking over to the stairs. Probably not his best idea yet. “Young men, you sat down with me now, and tell me who did this to you”, Zoe ordered. Joe sighted, doing as Zoe said: “What do you want?” “Where were you last night?” “I went home with a person from our school”, Joe replied, leaning back. “And you beat each other up?” “No, we fucked. That is what people do. You are just to innocent” Zoe looked at him, in shock. “I know that. I’m not dump. I want to know why you can’t walk and have bruises” “I don’t know what you mean”, Joe replied. “Dude, I know Caspar wrecked you last night. We all do” “WHAT?!”, Joe asked. “Some girl send a video of you two walking into his room to the entire school” Joe sighted. of course. Someone had to caught them. “You want some cream, for your bruises?” He nodded just and followed Zoe into her bathroom. She handed him a cream and said: “I don’t need it back. But be careful, you need less then you think” Joe nodded thankfully, glad Zoe didn’t judge him. “So like… are you gay?” Joe sighted: “Please don’t tell” “Wasn’t planning on. You can trust me, Broseph”, she replied and they went into their own rooms. As Joe entered his room, he could see Caspar cleaning up the mess from the day before. And hiding the black box again. His hangover was still bad, but good enough, so the voices could come back 'You know it was wrong’ 'You shouldn’t have done that’ 'What was going on with you, you hate him’ 'You steel need his tutoring in math, so be polite’ 'Biggest. Mistake. Of your Life.’ And like that he broke down on his bed. He knew that deep down, he didn’t hate Caspar. Caspar never done him something wrong, except making him realize his sexuality. Maybe that was why he hated him. His entire life he looked at Caspar different. And he always just assumed it was hate, but it really wasn’t. He liked Caspar, a lot, and he might even go as far, as saying, that he was in love. And being in love with Caspar Lee, was nothing good, not for Joe, not for anyone. Being in love with Caspar Lee meant, to have an unbelievable low chance with him, having thousands of girls who will kill for him, and staying up late at night, thinking about his perfect face. But all Joe could think of, was the way Caspar touched him, how his fingers slowly caressed the skin with 'Freak’ tattooed onto it. His ass still hurt from the night before, but while he would have killed everyone else for this, he couldn’t help but love the feeling Caspar left him with. He loved the way his hips would hurt, when he touched the marks Caspar left there. He loved the way walking and sitting down hurt him, because it reminded him, of his night with Caspar. He loved it. He loved the pain. He couldn’t help but love it. And he didn’t knew if that was normal, but he was far away from caring after all. Even if he liked Caspar. He would have to deal with it, like all the girls in his classes.