First: remember the height difference between joe and caspar.
Second: realize that caspar friend, joshua is taller than him.
Third: watch a photo were joe is next to joshua
Four: omfg joe is freaking hobbit
I just be like absndjjdnxkck 👌

Love Runs Out // Chapter One

Currently I was on the bus travelling to Brighton because I was my moving in with my friend Joe. We decided to live together ‘cause both of us couldn’t pay our rents.I didn’t have a job and Joe was making only YouTube videos.While on the bus I was sitting next to a guy who didn’t stop hitting on me and that really annoyed me. I was going to be in Brighton in about 10 minutes so I decided to start packing my stuff.
I arrived safely and started looking for Joe. He was supposed to take me from the busstation but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I waited 10 minutes and when I turned around Joe was there holding a massive bouquet of roses. I jumped on him and hugged him tightly. When I finally let go of him he said laughing:
“I hope you like roses because I don’t know what I am going to do with these.”
I laughed and told him:
“Actually they are my faves.”
We got in the car. The road was 1 hour long and I was jetlaged af. At first we were talking and singing to the songs on the radio but after 20 minutes I fell asleep.
“Wake up,Sleeping Beauty.”
This is what I heard when I woke up. It was Joe. I know he probably didn’t mean it but it still gave me butterflies. What would he see in me. I was average, small, with blue eyes ,brown long hair and a little bit of freckles which I hated. I was weird and also very stubborn.We were always close friends and sometimes we acted as a couple.
“Hey are you going to get out of the car or what ? “ Joe said laughing.
I snapped out of the trance and got out of his car. He took my luggage. Our apartment was in a building with 4 flours and it turned out that we were on the last floor. When we got in, there was a hallway. In front of us was the living room and next to it was the kitchen. To the left were the bedrooms. Each of them had a bathroom. In other word this apartment was amazing and I loved everything in it. When we got everything in, he said:
“Soo what do you want for dinner?”
“I dont know. Surprise me.” I said.
“Alright then.” he smiled.
10 minutes later we were sitting on the table and eating our dinner while watching tv and talking.
When we were done eating I went and sat on the couch. A few seconds later Joe came in with a blanket, sat next to me and cuddled me. We were watching TV when suddenly Joe said:
“Lets do something more interesting.”
“More interesting like what ?”
“Well.Lets play a game.“
“What kind of game,Joseph?”
“A Truth or Dare game” he said smiling.
“Alright. You go first.”
“Truth or dare?”
“Agh..Chicken. Alright,who was the last person that you kissed?”
At first I didn’t say anything but then I decided to tell the truth.
“I haven’t kissed anyone yet.”
Joe was shocked probably because I am 19 and still hadn’t had my first kiss.
“How come that a girl like you hasn’t kissed anyone?”
“A girl like me?”
“Yes. A funny,adorable,pretty,amazing girl who can’t see how beautiful she is.” he said.
I didn’t know what to say or do but after what Joe said everything went in slow-motion. Joe came closer to me and kissed me. It was amazing and when I opened my eyes he was just staring at me.
“What are you looking at,dork?”
“Nothing.” he said smiling.
“Alright. Truth or dare.”
“I dare you to kiss..”
I was stopped by Joe’s lips. Again..
“I like this game.” he said smirking.
“Me too. I choose dare.”
“I dare you to change into my T- Shirt.”
He handed me his T-Shirt,I went to his bedroom and changed. I went back into the living room and Joe was staring again.
“What are you staring at?”
“Nothing. Just…Damn, you’re hot.”
I laughed and sat next to him. We continued the game and at the end Joe was wearing only PJ bottoms and I was supposed to sleep in his bed.
“I am tired. Maybe I should go to bed” I said yawning.
“Yeah, I am tired aswell”
I stood up and went to his bedroom. The last thing that I remember before I fell asleep is Joe wrapping his arms around me and kissing my head.

AN: Im not quite sure if I like or not. Tell me if you like it and if you want me to continue. Izzie xxo 😜