Joe Perry

Rockstars in commercials

Iggy Pop: Car InsuranceSchweppes 

Alice Cooper: Staples , Sony, Callaway Golf, Marriott  

Bob Dylan: Victoria’s Secret 

The Rolling Stones: Jingle for Rice Krispies 

Steven Tyler: Burger King , Gap (along with Joe Perry), Sony camera 

Ringo Starr: Sketchers , apple juice , Pizza Hut (with the Monkees)

Mick Jagger: Monty Python (with Charlie Watts), showing off his gym shoes

Paul McCartney: JBL, Fidelity Federal  (kinda), Apple 

U2: Apple

David Bowie: Pepsi  (with Tina Turner), Louis Vuitton , ice cream (rare!), XM Radio, XM Radio 2005  !!!, Reality  

Robert Plant: Coca Cola

Slash: Mastercard , Volkswagen 

Gene Simmons: Dr. Pepper, Nike

Ozzy Osbourne: Best Buy , World of Warcraft , Samsung Propel, I can’t Believe it’s not Butter!, Brisk , Pepsi Twist 

Brian May: Ford

Roger Daltrey: American Express , Bulova, A Christmas Carol (he’s Ebenezer Scrooge!!!) 

Elton John: Pepsi

Feel free to add more!


The Hollywood Vampires meet super fan Amanda Currie who, after buying her ticket to meet the Hollywood Vampires a year in advance, was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. In an effort to fulfill Amanda’s lifelong dream of meeting her hero Johnny Depp, her family and friends spoke with a local ambulance company that volunteered two medics and an ambulance to transport her to the show. Meanwhile, Amanda’s uncle got in contact with the Hollywood Vampires who were more than happy to meet and hang out with Amanda both before and after the show. After giving her a guitar signed by the three of them, the group invited Amanda to watch the show backstage. They even dedicated their set to “their friend Amanda”.