Joe Jackson

Male Singer Zodiac Signs

Aries: Brendon Urie

Taurus: Chris Brown

Gemini: Paul McCartney

Cancer: Drake Bell

Leo: Joe Jonas

Virgo: Michael Jackson

Libra: John Lennon

Scorpio: Drake

Sagittarius: Jim Morrison

Capricorn: Zayn Malik

Aquarius: Justin Timberlake

Pisces: Kurt Cobain

‘Bunnies’? I got ‘bunnies’ and ‘kitties’
What the fuck is this, the Teletubbies? Why are we so pretty?
Why don’t we get it ugly and grimy
and we can get it really fugly and motherfuckin’ slimy

The guys freestyle on words folks have tweeted to warm up for a Freestyle Love Supreme show at Joe’s Pub in 2013

also Lin wearing tinted glasses that. match his shirt? also CHRIS JACKSON

Moonwalk tapes
Michael Jackson
Moonwalk tapes

Michael Jackson talking to the first editor of Moonwalk about his father, 1984-1985

MJ: “I mean, the natural instinct of show business was inside of us anyway, ’cause it was something that God gives you. But [Joe] taught us how to cultivate it. He’d sit there everyday, it was like after school we’d come home and we’d rehearse and he’d sit in a chair like this, usually with a belt in his hand or a switch.”
SD: “Jeeze, wow.”
MJ: “He would. He’d be sitting there and we’d do our performance and if you messed up you’d get hit. The person who got it all the time was Marlon. Ugh. See, I got it outside from show business, I was beat more than any of the children.”
SD: “You mean for pranks and stuff?”
MJ: “No… just… probably just for being… I used to throw back at him, hit back at him. When he’d get me… I would get beat bad. To the point where I would say abused… Please don’t write that.”