Joe Fresh

Former Vice President Joe Biden has figured something out: “I learned how to become one of the most popular politicians in America,” he says. “Announce that you are not running for president, and be authentic.”

Biden shared that secret with Fresh Air on Tuesday in front of a live audience at WHYY studios. Here’s what he told Terry Gross about the current investigations into the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russia – 

“I find it hard to believe how the Republican Party cannot be apoplectic about the impact of Putin, in particular, and Russia generally in trying to fundamentally alter our democratic processes.  It’s real and it’s not going to stop. Mark my words… I just wonder when they’ll gain the willingness to stand up and say, “Enough, man."’

Listen: Biden Talks Trump, Faith And Fate In Front Of A Live ‘Fresh Air’ Audience

Photo credit: Daniel Burke

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