Joe Anoa'i


Hello guys. I would not have wanted to write this, especially now on my blog.
Yesterday, after unusually bad days, we received good news: Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) became a father for the second time. I made a post about it, congratulating him for the good news.
In short, it’s always nice to know that someone has become a father, considering the fact that Roman is a great father.

This morning (time now: 9:19 am) I wake up and I find a notification. A comment by one person: @jcaesar42 
I quote you directly because I want and I demand your apology. Let me explain better, because I’m a civil and polite person.
You have commented on my post about someone you hate writing this “Really hope the father dies”.
Let’s pretend that I have not read anything, we pretend that everything is fine. I’ll ask you a question: it feels right what you wrote?
I usually don’t answer to anyone, to prevent flame and stuff but … We need to separate what is the character of the person. Roman Reigns and Joe Anoa'i must be separated.
Roman Reigns is a wrestler that many hate (I respect Roman Reigns as like I respect ALL wrestlers); Joe Anoa'i is a family man who loves his wife and his children.
No one should wish death to someone. NOBODY.
An example: I don’t like Baron Corbin. But I don’t wish him death, I don’t go in the blog dedicated to him, or in the post to write these things. I ignore.
Now, you know why I took your comment personally? Simple, because I know what it means to lose a parent. My friends have lost their father and, I tell you, they didn’t celebrate for this, you know? Indeed, they are still suffering! It’s not nice to lose a father, you know? It’s not nice to be abandoned by some parents and, this, I experienced on my skin: you know what it feels like to be abandoned by a parent because he doesn’t want you?
Do you know what it means to lose a parent?
Let me clarify, I have not lost a parent. But my friends have lost a father. And when someone wishes this, I get nervous. Do you know why? Because you don’t know ANYTHING! You have no idea of the seriousness of what you wrote! You can hate Roman, you can do whatever you want and I don’t care about it: but you don’t dare to wish him death anymore. But not because it’s Roman Reigns, but because he is a father. He has a family. And you don’t know who you wrote this: before you write certain things, thinking that maybe, to the one you’re writing, he might take offense. Do you know why? Because maybe they’re experiencing or have experienced the death of a loved one. I don’t want to humiliate you, I just want to tell you that what you have written is wrong and I want your apology. Not for Roman Reigns. But for me. For all those who have lost someone. For my friends.

Guys, I hope I don’t ever read these things. For nobody. Especially in my blog. If you have this intention, forget my blog and go to disturb someone else. I’m sorry if I seemed harsh, but unfortunately … I can’t ignore these things.
A good day to all.


To me, this interview always felt the most genuine. Hearing about Roman’s psychological struggles when he won the Royal Rumble, but feared that he wouldn’t make it to Wrestlemania because of the fact that nobody wanted him. Talking about how he wanted all of the superstars to climb to the top. Showing Brock Lesnar that he wasn’t scared of him by busting him open at Mania. Roman has this deep passion for the business and is just grateful to be there. I wish more people could see this and see that Roman’s not this entitled, ungrateful person that people make him out to be.