The Signs as MAC Lipsticks

Aries: antique velvet

Taurus: fast play

Gemini: flat out fabulous 

Cancer: patisserie 

Leo: creme de la femme

Virgo: créme d’nude

Libra: blankety

Scorpio: black night

Sagittarius: reel sexy

Capricorn: cyber

Aquarius: matte royal

Pisces: steady going


“I’m sor- Dragons? You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking.” There was doubt in her voice, but Jody still looked concerned.
“Of course I’m joking,” you said, laughing. “Dragons aren’t real.”
“Actually, Dean and I did deal with a dragon awhile back,” Sam said. “Pretty rare, but they’re real.”
“You’re joking,” you and Jody said in unison.