Jody Just is the Best

This is Sheriff Jody Mills

She’s really awesome

She’s sassy

She seems to have more of a connection with Sammy than Dean

Which makes me sort of happy because Dean does have memories of his actual mother and Sam doesn’t really have many mother figures

She’s also been kissed by Bobby

And gone out on a date with Crowley

And I just sort of like her and Crowley together. I think she could make him more human

And her relationships don’t take away from the fact that she’s just such a BAMF

Which is always great because that happens to female characters sometimes and it sucks when it happens

So let’s take a moment to appreciate Jody Mills

Because she’s a great human being

And She hasn’t died once since her appearance in Season 5

Dedication (Prod. Bennie Ward
  • Dedication (Prod. Bennie Ward
  • Jody

Since I haven’t dropped a song in a long while, I’ve decided to get back to work and release something new. Don’t know if it’ll make the tape or not, but I loved the song and I had a good time recording it. So, I hope you all enjoy it as well. Hopefully as much as I did.