Part Three

Mistakes happen. I wanted to use Paverpol and antique handkerchiefs in the mold. SO I tried…fail LOL turns out the handkerchiefs are way too delicate and flimsy, they just pooled in the bottom of the mold. So those handkerchiefs were wasted (see pic 1)…unless i try something else with it. lol 

I decided to use the outside of the mold instead of the inside. Paverpol works better when you can use gravity to keep it in place. So i draped plastic over the top of the mold(Paverpol wont stick to plastic) 

Because of the flimsy nature of the handkerchiefs I decided to start with some all cotton canvas, it is dipped or painted with paverpol and layered on the top of the mold. Then I layered the handkerchiefs over the top.  The last picture shows the first layer of kerchiefs.