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I was tagged by @annie-earp, Thanks darling!

1.Are you a proud person or an emotional person? I am an emotional person, yes. So emotional. I cry really easily and have way too many feels. Which is why Tumblr is my home. 👌

2.What is your MTBI type? Shit I don’t know, I’ve never done this. Wait a few minutes… Ok I’m an INFP, sounds about right.

3.What’s the thing that makes you become an huge nerd? The list is long, and full of terror… Exhibit A. Also any mention of any of my fandoms, OTPs, or even a good video game. Any chance I can throw a reference in. When somebody gets my random obscure reference!

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4.Tea or coffee? Tea, coffee is just hot bean juice.

5. Black or white? I want to get all detailed here and explain about light vs paint and which is all the colors and which is the absence of color. [nerd] Instead I will say it depends on the weather, black + intense sunshine is not my friend.

6. Do you enjoy doing this kind of tests? They are fun! They give me something to do. So yes.

7. What’s the last song you listened to? Currently listening to Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s on Pandora.

8. Are you afraid of death? I’m more afraid of not having enough time to do everything I want in this world; which is why vampirism always seemed like a good idea.

9. Are you enjoying Tumblr? Tumbler is the fucking best even though it has ruined me.

10. What’s the thing you value the most in a friend? Shared interests, if we don’t enjoy doing the same things what’s the point of spending time together?

11. Summer or winter? Spring is my favorite really but summer is better than winter. I hate being cold, and shoveling snow, but it is pretty.

Shit was I supposed to answer these questions? Whoops. I will answer them as well.

1.-  What tipe of books/movies/videogames do you like? (like science fiction, horror, fanatsy, etc…) Fantasy, Sci-Fi, dystopian stuff, thriller, and sometimes a good autobiography.

2.- What kind of pet you prefer? (yes, if you want dragons its okay) Well I have two dogs and two cats, I prefer cats but ideally I could have a flamingo cause flamingos are fucking awesome.

3.- What got you into Tumblr? Pinterest! I kept saving all these awesome posts on a Pinterest board and I finally said “fuck it, let’s join”.

4.- Last book you read? The last book I finished was Cassandra Clare’s City of Heavenly Fire. I’m currently reading Lady Midnight.

5.-Last TV show you saw? Drunk History on Comedy Central

6.- How you want to die? Um… never? I have too much to do. Definitely not by fire or drowning, those sound awful.

7.- Summer, Winter, Autum, Spring. which you prefer? SPRING! I love spring.

8.- Name of the person you like and how is she/he? Ed is kicking ass on Diablo 3 right next to me.

9.- 5 celebrities you like? Oh well shit. I made a post about my top 5 hottest celebrities, let me see…. You’re Welcome

10.- Whats your favorite candy? You’re Welcome!

11.- What you like most in a friend? I love a friend who can nerd out with me.

Am I supposed to write questions now? I don’t know but I will!

1. What is your earliest memory?

2. If you were an animal which animal would you be?

3. I like this one: top 5 hottest celebrities?

4. What is one fandom you used to love and don’t anymore?

5. What is your favorite kind of music?

6. What do you do for a living/study at school?

7. If you weren’t doing that what would you do instead?

8. Give me one strange fact about yourself.

9. What kind of video games do you like?

10. What is your favorite kind of Tumblr content? [gifsets, tics, edits, text posts]

11. Why are you amazing? 👍🏻

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Wow! 18 reruns in and all she's doing is sobbing most people usually don't last this long Princess Jodie is one tough cookie as long as she can stomach The Return of Slade episode she might be able to survive the madness..

I’m not strong, I just really can’t stand how they disregarded everything that the Teen Titans were for the sake of THIS!

~ Jodie, who feels bad when she bashes shows, but feels like these feelings need to be expressed.