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Why do different animals have different lifespans? I'm trying to decide the lifespan of some spec-bio creatures, and I don't know where to start

To quote Dr Joao Pedro Magalhaes: 

“One of the big mysteries of biology is understanding species differences including species differences in aging,”

That’s a hard one to answer! There’s lots of on going research on aging, so we are starting to get some idea why there’s differences in the longevity between species! 

There’s both environmental and biological factors that determine the lifespan of different species.

Biological factors include: 

  • the ability to process oxygen and nutrients. As well as the efficiency to generate heat and conserve energy
  • The efficiency and type of heart: 

Blood is required in the circulation of nutrients and oxygen (in all vertebrates anyways. Some inverts like insects take oxygen in from an open circulatory system due to their “blood”  hemolymph not having oxygen carrying capabilities like mammal blood: haemoglobin. But that’s a whole other thing to get into). Therefore animals with bigger mass require more complex and large hearts in order to circulate the blood. 

There is also research that found that there was an inverse negative correlation between heart rate and life span; the faster the heart rate, the shorter the lifespan.  It’s hypothesized to be due to the oxygen consumption being higher in animals with faster heart rates and therefore this causes more reactive oxygen. 

  • Metabolism!

It’s believed that metabolic rate is inversely proportional to lifespan. Therefore animals that have high metabolic rates will live faster and die young. While those with slower metabolism will live at a slower rate and live longer. So slow metabolism = longer lifespan. This is partly why animals like tortoises are able to live for so long!

Environmental factors include things such as: 

  • Weather
  • temperature
  • habitat
  • rate of disease and illness (animals that are at higher risks or more susceptible to diseases are less likely to live as long) 

Some studies on aging: 

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