Advice for the signs in 2016

Aries: As you continue exploring life, don’t forget those who’ve helped you get to where you are. A simple greeting to an old friend will do wonders for yourself.

Taurus: You keep your head high and keep reaching out for the stars because you’ll eventually find what you’ve been looking for.

Gemini: It’s time to get healthy. Use the negative energy around you to fuel some positive outcomes for your entire wellbeing.

Cancer: Stop acting superior over everyone. It’s time to humble down; everyone appreciates a soft soul more.

Leo: Learn to appreciate the people making effort to be with you. Stop pushing them out and looking for acknowledgement in toxic places.

Virgo: When you stop comparing yourself to others and find people who truly care, success will be at your fingertips.

Libra: Focus on finding love within yourself instead of someone else. Prioritize your love to you.

Scorpio: You are never entitled to anything so remember to give more than your 100% for anything that your passionate about.

Sagittarius: Time to find stability. if you have someone you love, stay with them if not learn to love solitude for then love will come.

Capricorn: Passion is the word. Be passionate in your work and your love.

Aquarius: Just let life take its course; constant reminders won’t always yield results so focus on what you can do and not worry about anyone else.

Pisces: Use the power of your voice to help out your friends in need. Your presence is respected by many so don’t be afraid to speak out.

Hey Joany :) im on my phone so I cant leave you a message, but I had to write this right now. First off, im glad youre back on tumblr :) I love your posts. All of them. Second of all, your letter to Valerie moved me. I think I need to write one like it. No one really knows what you go through, what your life, situation, or family is really like, especially not me. But to see how you can be so humble and honest, its moving. And made me confront some feelings ive been carrying around. They’re not all gonna get fixed when I write that letter. And they wont get fixed in a day or a week. Only God knows how long. Your letter convicted me as a person who calls themselves a Christian to call myself out on the way I feel and how I act about it sometimes. You are stronger than you know. And honestly one of the best examples of a godly woman that I know. Honest. Youre right, youre not perfect. None of us are. But what makes you and Christians different is that we try to be different. And dont take the credit for ourselves. Your letter inspired me in so many ways. Dont let everything that’s going on get to you. I dont know what’s going to happen with your little family but I pray for the best, for Gods perfect will, and hope that what He wants is what you and a lot of other people want too. There’s a lot more that I wish I could write but my brain is moving faster than my fingers and it would come out jumbled. I hope that this kind of in some way makes sense lol. I hope and pray you can enjoy this Christmas / holiday season because you deserve it :)

Merry Christmas & God Bless

Elise :)


Joany: Egyptian shimmies

10thousandbutterflies  asked:

where did fuckstruck come from? it seems like i vaguely remember it being in a script?

Yup it’s from scripts:

Jane Espenson said somewhere on twitter back in the days that fuckstruck was used in the script of 2x06, so some people speculated that it was used to qualify emma in the bandaging scene

EDIT: found the post!!! Here


Joany - Belly Rolls

Did I ever tell you about the time i escaped from the future and tried to get back to the 20th century but ended up in France in the middle ages and fell in love with my Joany. Well all the people thought we were witches but i was like hey hey hey, I am kludi hymes and I am a Klone from a Utopian future please respect me and give me a little something to sniff, anyway anyway anyway they charged us with witchcraft and burnt us at the stake. Luckily my superior genetics reform my body with my Crystal Memories. but my poor Joany was just a human and she died. My Joany.

Scream Queens Playlist 8.17.2016

No Scrubs - Big Joanie

Zero/Zero/Zero - Henry’s Dress

I’m All Right - Sorry, Not Sorry

Little Witch - Margy Pepper

Blackout Curtains - Acid Fast

Deppy Dreams (Keep me going) - Grey Bath

It’s Days Like This That Make Me Wish The Summer Lasted Forever - Everyone Asked About You

Alien Babe - Fatty Cakes & The Puff Pastries

The Waiting - With Sprinkles

Fuck Macho Bullshit - Maple Rabbit

Blue Eyes - Fall Of Saigon

Oh Birds - Tracy + The Plastics

My Morning Is Summer - Julie Ruin

Dance - Loon

Feeling Bling - Bamban

My Body - Molly Nilsson


We answered all the anonymous advice questions from last week! Just a head’s up it’s pretty heavy shit, proceed with caution when listening.

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