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What do you think Sebastian's thoughts about Joanna?

You mean about Joanne Harcourt? Sebastian probably doesn’t think too much in particular about him. To Sebastian humans are more like insects anyway. Some of them are useful to him and I guess Harcourt belongs to that group. In the Weston arc he was useful because Sebastian got information about Maurice Cole from him. And now in the current arc Harcourt was useful as part of Ciel’s boy band. Sebastian surely noticed that Harcourt adores him and used that in order to convince him to help.

He’s my sunshine♡ _(┐「ε:)_

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I was surprised that Harcourt is Editor K's favorite, and to the editorial dept. and the assistants, where did you get this? He's also one of my fav characters in the series and never thought he would be that popular, especially since I thought he's just a oneshot character in the Weston arc :D

From Yana’s blog and editor K’s twitter, of course! xD

[…] Actually, (Harcourt) was supposed to appear only in that one scene, but because editor K and my assistants kept telling me that he’s cute all the time, he has become a regular character in the boarding school arc.


[…] This is Harcourt […] who is extremely popular among the gentlemen in the GFantasy editorial department.

[…] My personal favourite character Harcourt-kun made a TV debut!!!


Editor K once even tried to get Harcourt on the cover of comicbook vol.16 xD

My last and biggest mission this year is to get Harcourt (a student from the boarding school arc) on the cover of the new Kuroshitsuji comicbook which is going to be released next year. It probably won’t happen, though.

Attention Black Butler Fandom!!!

Spoilers with a theory!!!!

In the most recent chapter of Kuroshitsuji, Agni died protecting Prince Soma from an assassin. Soma was targeted because he helped Ciel and Sebastian bring down the Blue Cult. If Soma was targeted for that reason, how soon will Edward, Cheslock, Joanne, and Clayton have assassins at their door? THOSE GUYS ARE IN TROUBLE!! Well, three of them. Edward and the Midfords can fend for themselves


Joanne Harcourt Facts

Name: Joanne Harcourt

Age: 14-16

📚 He was branded as a liar by the majority of students due to meddling at the hands of Maurice Cole.

📚 His shy and reserved demeanor in tandem with fragile emotional state is due to harassment and bullying at the hands of his peers.

📚 He becomes the fag of prefect Edgar Redmond in succession to Maurice Cole.

📚Joanne becomes aquainted with Sebastian when Sebastian helped obtain Hegel’s “The Science of Logic” off of a high shelf that he could not reach by himself.

📚 He quickly becomes comfortable with Sebastian, and confides in him about his bullying and the causes thereof.

📚 Sebastian comforts Joanne, assuring him that he does not think him the liar he has been made out to be and tells him to pray.

📚 He explains the process and fundamentals of the June 4th holiday to Ciel.

📚 He is shocked and frightened by the revelation of the bizzare dolls at the midnight tea party.

📚 He seems particularly attatched to Sebastian, as he admits to longing to see him upon reuniting with him in the Blue Cult arc.

📚 He does not seem to have any recollection of Sebastian revealing his true identity at the midnight tea party, implying possible amnesia due to trauma.

📚 Joanne’s role in the F5 is one of a cheeky younger brother.

📚 Joanne appears to exhibit stage fright, although he is able to cope well enough to perform.

📚 He is a favorite of Toboso’s assistants, especially editor K.

📚 Editor K attempted to have Joanne drawn on the cover of volume 16.

📚 Albeit still a bit of a recluse, he seems to have opened up more since Maurice Cole was exposed as a fraud.

Chapter 132 and “the spare” comment

So people are flipping the fuck out over the fact that a) Frances called our!Ciel “the spare” and b) Vincent taking it all in stride, joking they may as well give up the Watchdog title should our!Ciel find himself at the Phantomhive helm. Was it particularly tasteful of them to address our!Ciel in such a blasé, brusque fashion? No. Did they mean it maliciously? No, no they didn’t. They don’t have the gift of hindsight that we as readers do. To them our!Ciel was a young, sickly child who couldn’t even go outside for fear of triggering an asthma attack—who couldn’t even have fencing lessons with Frances because of his weak constitution. (Please note I am NOT disparaging our!Ciel, but even the most devoted Kuro fan will have to recognize this actuality—our!Ciel is not the most robust child out there, as exemplified in canon by the Circus and Campania arcs.)

Furthermore, being the Queen’s Watchdog means executing orders that are both ruthless and necessary. We now know that our!Ciel can behave in such a fashion but back then when the twins were 7, 8 years old? Remember earlier in chapter 132 when Vincent took the twins to inspect the Phantomhive domain? The first thing real!Ciel says after Vincent finishes explaining the duty of a lord is that these tenants will need incentives to keep working the land—a hardline, pragmatic insight befitting a future earl. Yet our!Ciel, once he learns that a lord must “maintain his estate so tenants can be free to devote themselves to their work” worries about keeping everyone satisfied (granting their “wishes”) before wondering how many tenants live on the land. There is a startling difference between the twins in terms of mindset—real!Ciel thinks like an efficient, practical man of business while our!Ciel shows more compassion and thoughtfulness.

A more empathic, gentle approach.

…But these are the exact same sentiments that will get you killed if you’re the Queen’s Watchdog. To Vincent (and probably Frances, since she is Vincent’s sister and he has entrusted her with the training of his heir), our!Ciel probably seems far too softhearted and humane to ever fit the merciless, cutthroat role of Earl Phantomhive. I mean can you really blame Vincent? All his life (up until the fire) our!Ciel has been sweet, caring, obedient, and delicate—he’s shy around strangers, lacks the extroverted charm of his older brother, and his greatest dream is to open a toy shop so he can give joy to other young children.

Does this really sound like the type of kid who could one day kill with impunity, watch others bleed to death before him, and burn down an entire mansion filled with lobotomized children? Vincent and Frances are not trying to be spiteful, cruel, or demeaning—they’ve simply observed the twins, recognized their strengths and weaknesses, and are now discussing the very real possibility of what would happen if real!Ciel were to die. Morbid? Yes. But this was 19th century, lifespans were short and Vincent’s occupation as the Queen’s Watchdog leaves no room for error.

And, in a strange, inconspicuous way, Vincent may also be trying to protect our!Ciel. We know Queen Victoria is a dangerous individual not prone to softer emotions of forgiveness or understanding (i.e. Murder arc) and Vincent, who’s had direct contact with Victoria (thus giving him a chance to observe, catalogue, and analyze her in person), knows that the Phantomhives are disposable tools of the crown. If one of his sons were to mess up then they’d be eradicated and mercy—that odd, human concept—wouldn’t even be considered.

We as readers know our!Ciel is capable—probably more so than real!Ciel—but three years ago, when happiness was still possible and the Phantomhive twins were devoted to one another? The wickedness of what will one day come to pass seems not only farfetched but cruel—for why would you ever force a child like our!Ciel to abandon his innocence in favor of pitiless indifference and demonic power? We cannot fault Vincent and Frances for speaking of our!Ciel in those terms (“the spare”) because, in many ways, Vincent and Frances were also right. Undertaker explicitly says in the Weston arc that our!Ciel is different from his ancestors—a fact that our!Ciel proved when he rescued Joanne Harcourt even though such a task was both unnecessary and foolish. He put his life on the line to rescue Lizzy even though it meant drowning in the cold Atlantic current. Heck he stared death in the face with Madam Red, in the throes of anger, grief, and insanity was ready to stab him to death and he ordered Sebastian not to hurt his aunt. 

Even after going through hell and back, there is still compassion inside our eyepatch wearing protagonist, he is still capable of pity, sentiment, and warmth. Our!Ciel has elevated himself beyond the scope of what his father and aunt thought possible, he has achieved momentous triumphs and committed unspeakable acts of horror but we CANNOT judge Vincent and Frances’s comments—made more than 3+ years ago—as hateful or heartless. In their eyes, they were assessing the shy, soft-spoken younger twin—not the tenacious, sharp-tongued, unflinchingly clever Queen’s Watchdog we know and admire.