Joanna Newsom | Sapokanikan
directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

New Album “Divers” out October 23rd

Anecdotes (6:27)
Sapokanikan (5:11)
Leaving the City (3:48)
Goose Eggs (5:01)
Waltz of the 101st Lightborne (5:22)
The Things I Say (2:35)
Divers (7:07)
Same Old Man (2:26)
You Will Not Take My Heart Alive (4:01)
A Pin-Light Bent (4:26)
Time, As a Symptom (5:28)  

“ …further along and down the road apiece from where she took her leave of us, Joanna Newsom plays on. Breathe deep and equalize your today-ears to the new world of Divers… “


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This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Bree Newsom(e).  The photo depicts activist Bree Newsome removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House on June 27, 2015.  All captions are lyrics by musician Joanna Newsom.


Paul Thomas Anderson directs this winter stroll through New York City for “Sapokanikan.” The video offers the first taste from Divers, Joanna Newsom’s first new album in five years.

Watch it here and on All Songs TV