Disney’s latest Tinkerbell movie, The Pirate Fairy, will feature Christina “Joan” Hendricks as seafaring, smart, swashbuckling fairy Zarina – and Tom “Loki” Hiddleston as a young rogue named James.. who may be better known by his future title: Captain Hook.

In other words: “I am James of Never Land, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. And a hook hand.”


Mad Men characters through seasons » Joan Holloway

season 1: “He may act like he wants a secretary, but most of the time they’re looking for something between a mother and a waitress.”

season 2: “This is why I don’t allow crying in the break room. It erodes morale. There’s a place to do that, like your apartment.”€

season 3: “One day you’re on top of the world and the next some secretary is running you over with a lawn mower.”

season 4: “So all you’ve done is proved to them that I’m a meaningless secretary and you’re another humorless bitch.”

season 5: “Men don’t take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.”

season 6: “I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them.”