Because when I think of Sam, I immediately think: SNOW WHITE! I’m not too sure why tho… (Also, Prince Josh riding on a mighty white steed, his curly hair flowing in the wind omg I can’t—?)

And then the two possible endings to Little MerMael - either he awaits the dawn to turn into sea foam, or Mitch decides to go merhusband on him under the sea hahahaha idk *shrugs*

Magical boys Joshua and Sam, after much procrastination xc. Since they’re both into art and drawing, I figured they’re weapons could both reflect that, maybe making them a super artsy duo or something so they usually work together idk. The idea was a holographic palette for Sam, and I guess a holographic tablet for Joshua (his isn’t active here, though).

Joshua O'Hare © Salemintheworks
Samson Owensby © Steeveay

Also, click to see: Edd and Kevin | Nat and RaveMitch and Deluxe


Joshua O’Hare c) salemintheworks - lookititsjosh

Samson Owensby c) steeveay -  samsonowensby

Josi is mine :3 c) mundocrayzer 

Kids, learn, lying is bad…

What kind of pictures they have painted? asgahjgahgsa x3

Those two are so damn cute~ OMFG! I think I’m starting to fall in love with them~ x3 I have so many stories with them *-* sdgajsghjgshd~

This story has continued, but still no start drawing, lol xD

Honestly, I was too lazy to paint them D: … Actually, I feel a little bad .-. Yesterday I took a tooth. How it hurts~ T-T

As perhaps you may realize, I don’t know much English, and I’m quite concerned that in this story there are many dialogues and feel that my grammar is not correct. I apologize for that. I’m trying hard xs

Hope you like it :3 

PD: Josi pulled her hair. Is not she cute? x3

PD2: Soon will post the continuation of this story :D

PD3: Josi likes to annoy Joshua with his ​​relationship with Sam xD Because they are so damn cute~ x3

Speak Now

Genre: Romance     Ship: JoSam     AU

Inspiration: “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift

Dedication: Salemintheworks and Steeveay

A/N: Read this for tidbits and such. No comment. Also, this is not a specific AU. I’ll just let everyone use their own imaginations regarding that. Sorrynotsorry. X333 Enjoy!

Disclaimer(s): I don’t hate Amy…I’m just not really fond of her. SCREW GRAMMAR (itgetshard,okay?/shot) Lastly,if anyone chooses to listen to the song, great! …But the music will most likely not line up with the text. But, if you genuinely want to hear the song I encourage it. Also sorry for quoting the song directly in the fic >.< And lastly, This is probably in no way how a realistic marriage runs. I honestly don’t know. Okay, that is all. ^-^

Oh, last words before I post, because I always do this in my fics: I'msosorry >///<

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First R!JoSam meeting :D

As always, Samson Owensby (samsonowensby) belongs to steeveay and Joshua O’Hare (lookititsjosh) belongs to salemintheworks :3


Usually I apologize for doing something like this, but this time I think I will not x3

When I first saw R!Sam, I noticed he had a couple of extremely long legs… I loved them x3~<3… I understood, because Sam is quite small therefore it was reasonable for R!Sam was much higher :O.. So I waited patiently to see R!Joshua to define clearly what to feel about it :I When I saw him, was wonderful~ *o* I gathered quickly xD And also created several situations between them e-e I mean, it was obvious that however end up together parallel universe that was. But some answers of Joshua in lookititsjosh, I was left baffled .-. Therefore, considering that Joshua ¬¬ ruined my view of history ¬¬ I will omit certain things about it… i-i… I-I- I know I should not, and I’m sorry, but really I want to do my drawings in my way Dx… TAT So sorry~

Because I’m drawing very slow lately ‘cause not have time (asjgashjshjfs I have SO MANY things to do TAT I want to cry D'x I study twelve hours a day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 7am-6pm, 8am-8pm, 7am-7pm, respectively. I also work. I live, minimum, one hour of any landmark, not counting what it takes me to get ready. My life is hard and does not give me time to draw… I feel like I just die at any time… i-i) I’ll tell my vision now…

1.- I found it very funny that Joshua, who is always wanting to touch, hug and kiss Sam, was a “No touching” guy… So I did this xD But equally, it is so only at first ;)

2.- Sam likes stroking Joshua’s hair, so I made R!Sam likes “pulling” and tousle the hair of R!Joshua e-e… Amm.. It’s… just… little sexy, in fact e-e… Oh, my mind e-e… You’ll see~ º3º

3.- R!Sam is overconfidence, which is sometimes annoying. I did this because, Sam always say “only in my dreams” óAò My poor child is so insecure~ i-i Although considered one of the images that made steeveay, R!Sam may not be entirely that way .-. (No, he’s not, I know. Let me live in my dream T-T~)

And I think one last thing would be that R!Sam is a friend of R!Josi, like Joshua is a friend of Josi :D (My OC :3)… Well, in my imagination and comic’s, of course u.u…

Hope you like it :3 

PS: I think I read once that Sam’s eyes were black, but I prefer gray :d and are easier to draw xD… Sorry u-u..

PS2: I keep trying to do my drawings each have time T-T


PS3: HANDS! D: So difficult~ x_X… I think it took me longer to make the sketch of the hands, that took me throwing color to the entire image e-e ajgHJagshsgdhjgash… And that’s the reason why I always stumps instead of hands u-u…

PS4: Oh, shoot, I’ve been quite long text. Sorry D: