gif request meme | anonymous asked for Jo Harvelle + 15. Quotes

I was still in pigtails when my Dad died, but I remember him coming home from a hunt. He’d burst through that door like, like Steve McQueen or something. And he’d sweep me up in his arms, and I’d breathe in that old leather jacket of his. And my Mom, who was sour and pissed from the minute he left, she started smiling again. And we were… we were a family. You wanna know why I want to do the job? For him. It’s my way of being close to him. Now tell me what’s wrong with that?


Yunho hyung is a soldier in the military but he monitors me the most diligently. He tells me that he watched all of the episodes, and monitors me with love. There’s no way you can dislike Taehyung (V’s real name). It’s to the point where he gets me thinking that if Taehyung hadn’t been there, the 6 of us may not have grown as close as we did. Because we’re all guys and because Taehyung is the maknae, we tease him. His reactions to our teasing is too cute. His affection toward us is also cute. When Taehyung came to the set, the atmosphere was always refreshing.” - Jo Yoon Woo

Men were always waiting for something cataclysmic—love or war or a giant asteroid. They wanted to focus on just one big thing, leaving the thousands of smaller messes for the women around them to clean up.
—  Bonnie Jo Campbell, American Salvage

No. Sweetheart, if this is our  l a s t  n i g h t  on earth,
then I’m going to spend it with a little thing I call
s e l f - r e s p e c t . 

Happy Birthday to my favourite human on the planet: @joharvelle 
and because I’m a terrible friend and left it too late to send your birthday letter that I wrote the day after we skyped for the first time, I decided to gif your ultimate fav. So happy birthday!!! I love you!!! 

Hansung: *stubs his toe against a table*
Yeo Wool: There is only one solution to this problem…
Ah Ro: Acupuncture?
Yeowool: *already lighting a match to set the table on fire* Huh? Oh yeah, I guess that works too.

[170113] Jo In Sung mentioned D.O’s friendship with Kim Woo Bin

“I thought Kyungsoo is my people, but seems like he is Kim Woo Bin’s.“
Jo In Sung, "Kyungsoo is good at playing hard-to get. Since I saw it one-day, Kim Woo Bin texted this to him, where are u my love DKS.” and Kyungsoo replied “Yeah Hyung, where am I.”
Then I thought to myself, “Ah, he’s not my person (in surprised tone).” (laugh)