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Eric Harris as your bff

-Teases you a lot
-Flicks off any guy that stares at you “tf you looking at?” *puts arm around you*
-Makes fun of your quirk
-Helps you with your homework “y/n, you gotta fucking study if you wanna pass this midterm.. cmon now what is the chemical number for Iron?”
-Ruffles your hair at least three times a day
-Hugs you, and rests his hands around your waist a bit too long <3
-Wipes your hair outta your face
-Makes funny faces at you
-“ughh! Cmon dude! Y/n..! I’ve told you many times call me reb! Especially when we are doing these missions” *whisper yells at you*
You can’t help but fucking laugh at his bossiness
-Is the type of bff that spams you on the AOL chat but if he sees you don’t reply at a certain time will pretend he’s busy when YOU Do actually message him back, making you wait a whole 10 minutes
-Always rolling his eyes at you bc of something dumb/cute you did
-Smokes cigs but immediately doesn’t like when you pull out your pack, “ah ah ah, what do you think you’re doing?.. not today y/n, these cancer sticks are Dangerous” *smokes around you though*
“Yes just like second hand smoking kills you hypocrite”
-Drives you everywhere
-Lets you wear his sweater or Duster when he notices you are chilly
-Spends a lot of time in your room so he can collectively understand more about you
-Is very protective with you
- gets jealous 😒 when other guys talk to you, he’s afraid they’ll steal his girl best friend ofc ;) or potential lover??
-Calls you randomly making you drop what you’re doing and meet up with him like; *Eric calling you* “hey Eri-”
“Bowling alley at 8, be there or be square”
*hangs up*
-Lets you pick the music in the car bc he’s feeling “extra nice today”
-Always notices when something about you changes
-Your shoulder to cry on as you are his as well
-He’s your wingman and your his wing women :3
-Staring at you a bit too longer than usual “whut?”
“Uh.. ehem.. got something on your face.. *pretends to get thing off your face* *flicks it off your face* "see? It was lint..” *rolls eyes and looks away*
-Late night conversations & drives when either of you can’t seem to sleep
-Always knowing what to say when you’re feeling down
-When you ignore him, he lowers his head and bumps his head with yours softly and whispers in your ear “pay attention to me..”
-Video Game contests & him helping you make your very own DOOM wad

That’s it for now! I’ll do one for Dylan later!! Peace and blessings y'all!!

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CONGRATS HON!!!! You deserve them all!!! Can I get Leonard AOS headcanons plz?

Childhood Headcanons, 1/10 - @bkwrm523

Leonard McCoy

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Len’s first memory 

Len’s very first memory is of his baby sister, Joanna. She’s brand new, still sort of wrinkled and raw, a tiny little thing with a scrunched-up face. Len’s curled up on the worn leather couch, propped up against Mama’s thigh. The air conditioner kicks on, stirring his hair and making his skin prickle.

Mama’s smiling at him. 

Len leans over to get a closer look.

She’s little, he realizes suddenly. 

Len feels a brief stab of satisfaction at this. He’s the youngest of all his cousins, but he’s not the littlest, not anymore.

Len watches, fascinated, as Jo smacks her tiny pink lips. 

Len’s biggest fear 

There’s an old cemetery located just on the edge of the back 40, hidden away in an overgrown grove of white oaks. The stones are old and crumbling, dates long since weathered away, names long since forgotten. It’s silent, save for the birds and the breath of wind that gently stirs the leaves in the trees. 

Len is about five the first time he follows his cousins to the cemetery. Jesse, nine years old and fearless, dares Len to stand barefooted on the oldest of headstones, a large, flat slab of dark marble. It’s tucked in the west corner of the plot, dulled by time, weeds growing tangled through the cracks in its surface.

So Len does. The stone is warm in the afternoon sunlight, fragments sharp beneath his bare feet. The weeds tickle at his ankles.

Later, at Nan’s house, Jesse blurts it out. “Len stood on a gravestone today.”

Something grows cold in Len’s gut. He has a nasty feeling that he’s going to be in trouble.

“Leonard,” Nan says slowly. She takes a drag from her cigarette. “It’s a foolish thing, son, to go walking over a man’s grave. His luck becomes your own.”

Len’s not quite sure what that means, but it sends shivers racing down his spine.

He avoids the back 40 for years.

Later, when he’s eleven years old and the shuttle crash claims Mama and Jo, Len finds himself strangely drawn to the old cemetery. 

He sits with his back to the tallest tree, crushing a bahia stem between his fingers, and wonders if he brought this on himself. 

Len’s favorite hobby 

On a hot summer day, Len hikes to the pond.

It’s not on Daddy’s property. Len’s got to sneak ‘round the edge of the Johnson place to get there. He cuts wide to the west, avoiding the view of the house, squirming through dilapidated barbed-wired fences and carefully avoiding the greenbriers. 

It’s worth it, though. The pond is small, but the water is cold and deep, and there’s a frayed rope dangling from an ash branch that reaches across the dark water.

He spends hours there, swinging from the rope, Missy yapping at the shore, then he lies sprawled in the grass, damp and exhausted, sunshine warm on his bare skin.

David never, not once, asks where Len’s been all day. 

He doesn’t have to. 

A defining moment 

Len decides he wants to be a doctor when Jo falls out of the tree. 

He’s about nine years old. They’re not far out, just at the edge of the back yard. 

Len was supposed to be watching. 

He hears it. A heavy thud, and then Jo’s sharp little intake of breath. Missy’s barking, and Len, Len’s running.

Jo’s arm is at a funny angle. She looks up at Len, biting her lip hard, tears welling in her eyes, and Len is suddenly overwhelmed by the fact that he has no idea what to do.

He ends up running for Daddy. David scoops Jo up easily into his arms, and Len follows them silently to the car. He watches, wide-eyed, as the nurses scan his little sister, and then he watches, riveted, as the physician gently depresses the hypospray into Joanna’s neck.

Jo stops crying.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” the stranger in the white coat asks as Jo closes heavy eyes. He’s just making conversation, but to Len, it’s an epiphany. 

“A doctor,” Len tells him firmly, and that is that. 

His least favorite food

Len despises peaches. He doesn’t discriminate - fresh peaches, frozen peaches, canned peaches, peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach jam - you can keep it all, thank you very much. He hates the way the fuzz tickles at the corners of his lips, and he hates the bitter, mealy flesh around the pit. Len hates the sickly sweet smell of them as they soften in the summer, percolating in the grass under the blazing sun, and he hates the stickiness of the juice as it dries down his elbows. He hates picking peaches, he hates peeling peaches, he hates canning peaches. He never wants to see another peach in his life.  

His best friend

The McCoy place is at the very edge of nowhere. Growing up, there weren’t many kids to play with - just cousins. 

Len’s got a lot of cousins. 

It’s a pain, being the youngest, but Len supposes he likes them just fine. He gets knocked around a lot, left behind and dragged along - looking back, Len thinks fondly that it’s a wonder he’d survived to adulthood.

It was a hell of a social development. 

Len’s very best friend, though, was an Australian Shepard named Missy. She was a red merle, one with one bright blue eye and a stubby docked tail, and she followed Len everywhere. 

When Missy was a puppy, she’d romp in the grass beside Len, barking and nipping playfully at his heels. She chases after him as he sneaks off to the Johnson pond, and one early morning, when Len stumbles carelessly onto a copperhead, Missy shreds it, whipping it brutally between her teeth and growling more ferociously than Len’d ever imagined her capable of.

He’s 14 when Missy disappears into the woods. 

It’s been coming for a while, Len knows. Missy’s been moving slow. Her face is gray and her eye is clouded. She doesn’t bark anymore, and she’s hardly touched her food.

He cries anyway. 

Random Fact His favorite memory 

Growing up, Len thinks his favorite memory is Christmas at Nan’s. There’s food and cousins and best of all, presents, and Len looks forward to December all year.

Later, thinking back, Len revels in the small things. 

It’s just an evening like any other. They’re sitting on the back porch, watching the sunset.

It’s only weeks before the shuttle crash. Missy is curled at Len’s feet, and Len’s running his bare toes absently through the thick fur at her ruff. Dad’s sipping a glass of iced tea, and Mama’s sitting in his lap, being silly. She’s laughing at something, the corners of her eyes crinkled subtly. Jo’s sprawled belly down in the grass, kicking her feet and singing. She’s a little off-tune, and the waning sunlight blazes against her dark hair.

The mosquitoes drive them inside soon after.

It’s a fleeting moment, just a snapshot in time, but it burns vividly in Len’s memory, and he treasures it more dearly than all others. 

Want a childhood headcanon?

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First Time Smoking

“Are you joking y/n?”

Dylan gave you a teasing laughing and placed his hand on top of your head. He looked over at Eric who was equality as amused, if not more. You rolled your eyes and took Dylan’s hands off of you.

“C'mon I want to try it. You two are the only ones that I trust.”

The boys gave eachother exchanging looks and Eric let out a small sigh, still smiling a bit.

“Can you ask your brother for some?”

“I mean I could. But he could be a dick at times so who knows. I’ll let you know y/n.”

“Thank youu!”

You gave Dylan a big hug as well as Eric. Dylan closed his locker behind him and gave you a small wave while you and Eric walked to the class you both shared.

After class you and Eric walked to the cafeteria and spotted Dylan sitting in a far back table. You slowly approached the big grinned boy. Eric gave him a confused smile.

“Happy to see me dollface”

You laughed at Eric’s comment towards Dylan and sat down at the table. Dylan rolled his eyes and began to look at you with an excited expression.

“So when do you wanna feel high.”

“He is going to give it too you?”

You said this almost too excitedly which cause both boys to get out a small laugh and roll their eyes. The boys looked at eachother and mudt have had the same idea because next thing you know they were mocking how eager you were.

“Can you both just shut up and tell me.”

“Yea he is going to let me have some. Just gotta grab it whenever, pretty much. But we can’t smoke at my house, atleast one of my parents are always there.”

“My parents are out for the weekend so you two can come over tomorrow and we can toke.”

“Awesome reb !”


You knocked on Eric’s front door and felt your heart race. You have been over his house before and Dylan was already there. But this time is different. Dylan opened the door and gave you a big hug.

“Hey loser.”

“Hey dweeb. Where’s Eric?”

“Oh he is downstairs. You ready? We bought a shit ton of fucking snacks for you.”

“Why do I need a shit ton of snack?”

Dylan just laugh at how naive you were and lead you down the stairs to the sound of a movie beginning and a sight of bags of chips and slim jims, candy, soda and a few drinks. You just looked back at Dylan.

“Is there going to be a party or some shit.”

“Nah just us.”

He jumped on the couch amd got hit by Eric for doing so. Eric got up from his sit and pulled you into a hug.

“Are you sure you wanna smoke y/n? You never brought up smoking before.”

“I’ll be fine Reb. I just want to try it.”

“Well alright.”

An hour later and a bunch of coughs, mainly from you, you felt really giggley. The boys were still a bit level headed but you were so gone. Almost everything made you laugh. The boys thought it was hilarious and tried to find the stupidest things to make you laugh. Even their stupid “jo mama” jokes made you almost cry.

Eric put on some music and you grabbed his hand to try to dance. You ended up stumbling backwards and falling onto Dylan’s lap. He started to laugh to hide his awkwardness. He slowly removed you from being on top of him.

“Yea… I think you need to lay down.”

Eric gave Dylan a blanket to wrap you in. Eric took a sit and let you rest your head on his lap while Dylan sat on the other side which you took the opportunity to put your legs on his lap. A few more jokes passed by and sooner or later you began to crash. You grew very quite much like a sleepy child and began to eat the table of food.

Another day another drama. That had become your mantra at columbine. The jocks and ‘popular/rich kids’ ruled the hallways and classrooms. Teachers constantly turning a blind eye to the horrors happening in front of them daily, or simply just not caring. You’d been here around 8months now, and right from your 1st week, you’d became a target.
Why? Because you’d had the audacity to turn down Brian wemply. Head honcho if the 3inch thick skull squad or otherwise know as the schools champion wrestler. When he had cornered you in the halls the sleeze just oozes off him making the bile raise in you throat. You shook you head trying to dislodge the memory.

“Hey sexy thing your new here! Why don’t you let ol Brian show you…a good time?”
His eyes flowed over your body, like you were a selection of meat cut he was considering buying.
“Yea….nah that ain’t happening” you’d replied calmly trying to push past him and onto freedom. He’d grabbed your arm painfully and forced you to face him.f Pulling you close till there was only centimeters between you.
“Hey you don’t talk to me like that bitch, don’t you know who I am? And whatever I want I get!”
The fury that burned in his eyes terrified you. Then, ah yes then came your saviour, your heart and soul to your rescue.
“LEAVE HER ALONE YOU PIECE OF SHIT BRIAN!!! DIDN’T JO MAMA TELL HOW TO TREAT LADIES?!” Youd seen a shorter and smaller built guy come barreling up in a fit of rage yet as soon as your eyes met they softened, questioning if you were ok.
“Fuck off faggot she’s mine, go back to your loser crew and faggot boyfriend!” Brain spat at him, during their exchange your wrenched your arm free. Brian swung back to look at you as your knee connected with his groin.
“DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN CREEP” you’d screeched at him as he groaned pityfully on the floor.

That’s how you and Eric Harris had 1st met. Two weeks later you were dating.
You’d never felt so alive or in love until that moment, you never cared for cliques in school. Eric’s group were known as the outcasts, the losers and trouble makers. But honestly, they were all so amazingly sweet natured and caring towards most people. But if you had done them wrong….well let’s just say they could also be your worst nightmare.

Snapping back to reality you sighed deeply. At least it was FINALLY the weekend. You and Eric had made plans for the whole weekend, star gazing, bowling and lots of….alone time. A smile spread across your face as you closed your locker, butterflies fluttered in your stomach as you headed towards Eric’s locker. A loud shout caught your attention and quickened your steps. The shout was followed with a loud bang that turned your pace into a run. As your rounded the corner you saw Eric being flung against his locker. Brian crowing with laughter, his cronies forming a semi circle around Eric, blocking his escape.

“What you gonna do huh faggot?!” Brian laughed as Eric tried not to crumple to the floor. Brian had at least 4-5 inches of height on Eric but pound for pound could easy push Eric down. You gasped as Brian spat right in Eric’s face. The glob oozing down his cheek. Rage bubbled deep within you, rage so frightening and red hot it would of matched Eric’s burning cheeks.

Running forwards you burst through the semi circle, taking Brian and his buddies by surprise.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the fags little dyke girlfriend, you know y/n I’m still available if you want to see what a REAL man can do” he posed dramatically infuriating you even more.

“Y/n! Get out of here, I don’t want you-” Eric mumbled before Brian pushed him up against the lockers again. Your body acted if it’s own accord as you got between the pair and pushed Brian backwards a few paces.

“Oooooo the little bitch has spunk! I like that in girls…” Brian began until your slap echoed through the hallways, silencing everyone and everything. Your hand print was clearly outlined on his face as he held his cheek, dumbfounded. His buddies mumbling and shuffling from foot to foot.

“How dare you. HOW DARE YOU! YOU WORTHLESS PILE OF SHIT!!” You roared, for someone so tiny your voice was loud and your ferociousness stunned all nearby, including Eric whom was staring at you in awe.

“GET OUT OF MY FACE DICKHEAD! OR SO HELP ME GOD I WILL FUCKING BURY YOU AND PISS ON YOUR GRAVE!” You continued to scream at the thick headed waste of air. Brian shot Eric a filthy look.

“This ain’t over Harris, next time your little slut won’t be here to fight your battles” he growled.

“Next time how bout acting like a fucking real man and come at us one on one! Without your fucking faggot friends holding your hands you little pussy bitch!” You growled back fire still in your eyes.

Brian went to open his mouth again but was met with another loud hard slap from you.

“Leave my fucking presence Brian! Come near me or my boyfriend again and YOU WILL regret it…” venom dripping from your every word.

“Whatever dyke” Brian grumbled as he turned away, dragging his busted pride behind him.

You turned to Eric who was looking at you, his jaw almost touching the floor.

“I’ve never seen that side of you y/n! That was…was…” you cut him off with a kiss.

“I’m sick of their shit baby, hopefully now they will think twice before trying anymore shit. And I think it’s safe to say I knocked doofus off his high horse, he’ll be nursing his wounds and probably will be the laughing stock of the jocks for a while” you told Eric as he swung his arm around your shoulders.

“Have I ever told you how much I fucking love you y/n” he said smiling down at you.

“Everyday baby, every day…” you smiled back.

Cuddling with Eric would be either really cute and cozy or really sexual and tense. If he had a rough day and was angry he would be sexual with you. Hugging you really tight. Bitting on your neck and ear. Grabbing your breast and being really cocky/confident. If it was a good day he might just hum to himself and hold you gentle. Let his hands roam across your body. Mindlessly caressing you. Playing with your hair and kissing your cheek or neck. Being really cheesy and telling you stupid jo mama jokes or whispering in your ear random goofy stuff just to hear you laugh.


* He’d always honk the horn when he came to pick you up.
* Kisses as soon as your butt was on the seat.
* Just driving around, enjoying each others company.
* You’d both come up with New ‘jo mama’ jokes
* Music would be loud. Like yelling at each other to talk, instead of just turning the volume down.
* Lots and lots of laughing
* Eric’s road rage would be intense! Freaky but kinda hot…
* So much car sex! Let’s face it, it’s a bedroom on wheels.
* He’d pick you up and drop you off from home to school. The bus would be not worthy of Eric’s girl.
* Stealing his discarded hoodies and jumpers and wearing them
* Probably lots of Burger King
* He’d teach you to drive. But get too distracted by how cute you looked
* I can see Eric liking to bend his girl over the bonnet of his car and fuck her hard out in the privacy of say the rampant range
* Air guitars to rammstien and air drums

Strang din dinti ca parca nu mai pot Plang zi de zi si simt cum ma sufoc Ca absenta ta n-o compenseaza nimic Iti scriu d-aici de jos mama,sper sa auzi ce zic Nu cunosc o durere mai mare Sa iti vezi mama in pamant,sa iti vezi mama cum moare Si toti au pretentia ca eu sa fiu tare Doar tu m-ai inteles,dar este departe-n zare Mama… imi pare rau pentru tot Pentru cat am gresit,pentru cat am fost de prost Pentru tot ce ziceam ca nu mai vreau sa te aud Aveai dreptate cand mi-ai zis ca eu o sa plang Dupa ce te stingi,ca vor curge siroaie Ca va fii si cu ploaie,ca tu nu mai ai scapare Doctorii au mai dat 72 de ore Dar n-ai rezistat si te-ai stins in 12 ore Paralizata la pat,imi vine sa ma iau de cap N-ai renuntat niciodata,m-ai invatat sa fiu barbat Am stat cu din 3 zile-ncontinu.. te-ai bucurat DIn pacate tu nu mai puteai vorbii.. ce pacat Imi pare rau pentru tot,te-am neglijat N-am fost capabil sa-nteleg cu ce boala te-ai luptat Dra cancerul nu iarta pe nimeni,omoara tot Dcotorii au facut ce-au putut dar nu-i antidot Ca el nu iarta nimic,omaora ce-i sta in cala Cu ce pacate platesti sa lasi 3 copii in spate Sa lasi un tata in lacrimi,copiii plang zi de zi Acum esti parte din stele,si te visezca revii Asa cum ti-am promis.. am grija de Laurentiu AI zis ca viata-i un test,dar eu cred ca am picat testu Aveai dreptate cand ai spus ca voi suferii Mama.. esti cel mai bun exemplu pentru copii
—  DMC - Mama,odihneste-te in pace !

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AMG the recent ask reminded me how I never knew reading reader inserts were a thing in my friend group and it made me really happy to know I wasn't the only one. I confessed that I read them when we had a 'heart to heart, 2 am convo' during my best friend's sleepover party. At first, I was really shy to admit it bc I felt it was a very personal thing but they admitted they read those too and it almost made me cry 😂 like I'm just relieved they don't judge me for it

Mama Jo is about to drop some wisdom here but like true friends aren’t going to mock your interests. 

Friendships are not built on having everything in common, but on mutual respect and trust. Life is too short to hide your interests.


W: Sabes asi como dato hijo

V: Dime dime

W: El dia 1 de este mes en el dia 1 de enero han legalizado la buena hierba amarilla la han legalizado en este estado 

V: Asi? que me dices?

W: Y eh como broma en vez de hollywood pusieron

V Y W: Hollyweed

V: Es verdad es verdad es verdad cierto me acuerdo mama jo como sabes eh hemos visto las noticias los dos mama vale *risas*

W: Hombre claro lo vemos juntos despues dee los simpsons *risas*