dear byeon seungmi,

you’ve returned to gp basic. honestly, i am sort of glad you’re rejoining the girls especially since they are making a comeback soon. though i really am going to miss you so much in d-unit. i don’t know what it was, but something made you look ten times older when you were with your d-unit unnies. perhaps it was the constant hair dye or the more mature concepts. nevertheless, i’ll watch gp basic videos now and think that was janey? not in a bad way. in a surprised way. you’ve grown so much and when i discovered you were leaving, i can honestly say i cried. you were a great addition to d-unit with your freakin’ amazing rapping skills (zico had done something correctly when he picked you.) when returning to gp basic i hope you can take with you the memories of being with d-unit and never forget wooram, soojin, or yujin. you’ve grown to be beautiful (you always were, though) and i can’t wait to see you again for your gp basic comeback. i’m glad you were in d-unit and i’m glad we unique got to experience your lovely, precious, fan-service queen self. your fans will love you always and we’ll continue to support you. good luck with gp basic, the drama, and being the hormonal teenager that you are. i love you.