พี่มาร์คพูดเสดเนียร์ นอนทับแล้วซบ คือไร!! ❤️😳😳 🙈 #got7 #marknior #mark #junior #marktuan #jinyoung #jr

Worried Mark

(GOT7 Mark and You)

You were on your way home from work and it was past midnight. There was no bus or taxi so you decided to walk home as your apartment was not far. But as soon as you started walking you saw a tall figure i.e. your boyfriend Mark he came in front of you he had his hood and it was covering his face. He pulled your hand and dragged you to the nearby park he seemed very angry and you didn’t want to ask so waited for him to speak. After waiting from him to cool down you finally got the strength and asked “op..oppa…whats wrong?? Are you ok??? When did you get back from your tour???”

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