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Ok so how would got7 react to their gf falling asleep hugging/with stuffed toys.

Heya sweet! thank you for requesting, I hope you like it!~~

BamBam: I think he would find it really cute but unlike the other members instead of leaving you alone to rest, he would end up trying to find a non annoying to wake you up so he could tell you how cute you were. (You’d get lots of kisses from this cheeky chap)

Youngjae: I think he’d find it completely adorable and he just wouldn’t even be able to look at you without wanting to squeeze your cheeks (He would probably take a photo and fangirl to the other members about your cuteness)

Jaebum: I think if he woke up to find you asleep with stuffed toys he woudn’t have the heart to wake you up and would just watch your cuteness with a small smile as he thinks to himself “Ah what did I do to deserve such an adorable girlfriend”

Mark: I think the cuteness would be too much and he’d end up trying to cuddle you and you’d wake up to his soft touches (Ahh my Jagi is so adorable)

Jinyoung: His heart would completely melt and he’d just end up watching you sleep “Ahh why are you doing this to me?”

Yugyeom: I think he’d find it so cute that he’d end up freaking out alone and would probably have to leave the room so he didn’t wake you up.

Jackson: I think Jackson is someone who woudn’t be able to deal with so much cuteness at once so he’d end up cuddling you a bit too much or like stroking your head a lot harder than he really should and you’d end up waking up saying “Ya Oppa I’m not a dog”



It’s been almost a year and a half since GOT7’s debut, and we’ve noticed an extreme lack of love for jinson (or jackjin) in the fic world. Thus, we are proud to introduce jinsonology’s first fic fest! A fic fest for those who don’t know is an event where people leave prompts for fics and writers choose prompts that catch their interest and write them.

Anyone is welcome to join, but please read the rules before prompting and/or signing up!

Send in your prompts today by commenting on this livejournal entry! Prompting ends June 22nd. The minimum word count is 1,000 and the fic deadline is September 14th. You don’t have to write a fic if you just want to send in prompts, so send send send!

“Ajeossi... nuguseyo??”

Request: Anything but jinyoung (jr.) fluff please. Like super fluff 😍😍😍😍 thank you!!!

Author: cupofchoco (AFF)
Genre: Fluff
Character/s: Jinyoung/Jr. x You

“Ajeossi… nuguseyo?” “M-MWO?! AJEOSSI?! NAEGA?!” Jinyoung bellowed as his eyes widened into saucers. Minguk hid behind you…

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