In the first episode of Secret Variety Training, one of the segments had the cast drawing portraits of each other. They only had 5 minutes to do it and thus…

Sungjae’s drawing of Suhyun

Changsub’s drawing of Jinwoon

Hani’s drawing of Bomi

Jinwoon’s drawing of Changsub

They had 5 minutes… Expectations weren’t high for these ~portraits. But alas, you have Song Artist…

And his masterpiece of Han Donggeun.



Should i start posting more groups?

Any recommend groups???

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In which Jo Kwon lays down the fucking law on his instagram account.

It saddens me to see that people have the nerve to insult him and say negative things on his own page, especially when he’s put so much effort into this amazing musical. He’s such a talented person and he has an opportunity to portray a character in one of the most renowned musicals in the world.

Why would you try to bring him down?

- Eres psicólogo, así que pensé que me entenderías, que podrías superarlo…
- ¿Es que acaso crees que por ser psicólogo tengo el corazón de acero? Sólo somos un poco más buenos analizando a las personas que los demás, ¡Pero somos personas igual! No porque sea psicólogo no voy a sufrir. Me abandonaste y fui siempre solitario, miserable, mientras que tú estabas feliz.
—  Madame Antoine