Sorry I didn’t upload this earlier but…I met Ryota in Amsterdam!!! Seriously that was like the best moment of the year omg 

But let me tell you about the concert first. After waiting for hours in the rain (but meeting lots of new and awesome people) we finally got in! Which was a bit of a mess. If you were there you know what I mean. But I was lucky and managed to get to the 2nd row, right between Ryota and Taka! It was amazing. The athmosphere was great and jfc they are good live! And that adorable fucker next to me definitely helped. Because when he spotted me in the crowd, smiling like crazy because I was so happy, he smiled, too! That happened a couple of other times, seriously we shared like four smiles and a thumbs up. That alone would have been awesome, but it got better.

When I was walking down a street with my lovely friend (Sarah, thanks for taking that picture. You have my eternal love for doing that!!) we saw a couple of Asian guys get out of a store and cross the street right in front of us. I remember thinking, wow,that guy sure has a cool outfit,all the black sure brings out his…light hair? Which kinda looked like Toru’s? He looked like Toru? And the guy next to him looks a whole lot like Tomoya???? I just stared at my friend, just realizing what happened. And just when I was about to cross the street, too, to approach them, Ryota got out of the shop! And since that worked pretty well during the concert, I laughed and waved at him. And that’s when the magic happened. 

He fucking recognized me!! His face lit up with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen, he pointed at me and walked over to me and my friend. Ryota took my hand, looked me in the eye and thanked me for being at the concert last night! Seriously I thought I was gonna die right there. Then we started telling him how much we loved their music (she was at the concert with me- Sarah, again, thank you so much for enduring all my fangirling) and he shook her hand and thanked her, too. 

When we asked for a picture he instantly agreed. Not really knowing what to do, I just stood there next to him. But as you can see, he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. That was like a full on body contact thing. 

After that we asked him to come to Europe back soon, because the concert was amazing and the best we’ve ever been to. He looked so happy! So he took our hand and thanked each of us one last time and then headed off to find the others. And I needed like an hour to finally calm down again. But that’s totally understandable,right?

Needless to say, I couldn’t have had a better time in Amsterdam. Thanks to everyone who made it as incredible as it was!

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