Kamigamo in Snow by Patrick Vierthaler


This lake in Jinja, Uganda represents the farthest, original source of the Nile River.

kpop parenting: feeding your kids
  • Suho and Lay: we only feed our kids organic, gluten free foods. Kyungsoo! let go of Chanyeol! Baek! jongdae is not a chew toy!
  • JB and Jinyoung: cool. I think ours ate? Right jinyoungie? I know Jackson did, he kept whining 'appa fed me' so I caved. Brat...
  • Seokjin and Namjoon: well ours get home cooked meals frequently. Only the best for- Namjoon, where are the boys?
  • I thought you knew... shit.
  • Jeonghan and S.coups: uhm, I think I saw one of em eat something off the ground? It was the blonde one? No wait.. the other one. What?! You try keeping up with all of them!
  • Minhyuk and Jooheon: well Hoseok had noodles. And I'm pretty sure Hyungwon runs off sass. I had Kihyun handle the others. He's my little helper. Kihyun! do not push him. No that is not 'helpful'

Shrine Entrance by Patrick Vierthaler

Can we just take a moment to talk about this??like I cant breath????
First of all the way Jungkook slightly moves his body up and pauses there for a few seconds like hes waiting for something l,plus the fact that this gesture of Jimin seems so natural to Jungkook like its something casual to him????? and then its like he remembers that they are at the fanmeet and literally forcing his body to move to away just a few inches just to make it seem like he doesnt want it but his expression is all about wanting it.That is not an expression you put on your face when youre friend is grabbing your neck and dont try to tell me it is cause seriously he looks so weak when he feels Jimins touch.
Second of all the way Jimin touched so gently his neck and then applied pressure to a specific part of Jungkooks neck and looks at his expression as he’s doing it and bending his head over and whispers something to him. Is just Jimin are you trying to kill me??????
Theres so much to this moment that makes me want to scream.
My Jikook feels are messed up.
Lets all group hug and scream together.


Samukawa Jinja Kendo by Alan D. Newton


Yasukuni Shrine por Masashi Wakui