Jinguiji Ren

ST☆RISH & Quartet Night as Bath Bombs

Masato: “Sakura” to calm his passionate heart

Natsuki: “Twilight“ feel no worries when you slide into this bath!

Syo: “Big Blue” it’s as if you can hear the sounds of the crashing waves!

Ai: “Shoot For the Stars” mysterious and enchanting…just like Ai!

Cecil: “Golden Waters”  fit for a prince and his princess

Camus: “Frozen” to match his ice cold heart

Ranmaru: “Phoenix Rising” fit for a passionate Rockstar 

Itokki: “Think Pink” keep calm, relaxed and feel sweet with this one!

Tokiya: “Intergalactic” relax in a world far far away

Reiji: “The Experimenter” have fun and go crazy in this one!

Ren: “SexBomb” Are you ready neko-chan?