Jingle Buddies

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I'm in tears, honestly Jin is so precious, he's a social butterfly. I know the members say he's awkward, but he's SO WARM. like I just imagine Jin wanting to do so well in the jungle (LOTJ loved him at first site tbqfh) so he fills all silence

With adorable stories of his life in the dorms, stories that would be embarrassing to anyone but Kim Seokjin and how he lights up when he makes the cast laugh. And always bringing up his members because he’s Jin and even when he’s not there they’re (3) With him because Bangtan let him grow into himself and he appreciates each and every opportunity he is given, and is often surprised to be given them. He just makes people fuzzy and warm and I can’t wait to see him being fucking adorable @ the jungle

Me either anon I CANNOT WAIT, because it sounds like that’s pretty much exactly what happened!! I’m anticipating a ton of big bouncy Jin goodness, I’m anticipating a ton of laughing, I’m anticipating some good old fashioned down-home shenanigans I’m anticipating this SO MUCH!!   

And I’m so excited for Jin < 3