I’m Here!

Apologies for my lack of updates, it’s been a crazy week! Orientation was exhausting, but in a good way. I feel refreshed and ready to teach! 

I’ll make a separate post about orientation, but for now, an update on my situation:

After a long and gorgeous drive through Korea, we arrived in Jeonju. From there, we were picked up by our co-teachers. I was picked up last, but I’ve already become so much more flexible with those kind of unexpected delays that I’ve learned are pretty typical in Korea. My co-teacher is super nice, and is a new teacher. He’s the homeroom teacher for the 9th graders (1st year high school). I’ll be working in his class a couple times a week. My co-teacher took me to apply for my Alien Registration Card after picking me up, and we went grocery shopping. On Monday, we’ll set up my bank account. He was super helpful, so I’m feeling well supported so far! My fellow EPIK teachers (well, two of them) in Jinan treated me to dinner, and showed me around. There are so many cute cafes! I definitely stand out as a foreigner, so that’ll be something to get used to!

My (temporary) apartment is really nice. It’s a studio (WITH AC), but the one I’ll actually be living in is much smaller, but is being renovated I think. So, in two weeks I will move upstairs, but there’s wifi already installed and cable, so it’s all good. Hehehe.

My school is tiny! It’s K-12, with a total of about 100 students. I’m living in the already pretty rural town of Jinan, but I’ll be commuting everyday via bus to the school. I heard that the bus ride is beautiful, tho, and from what I saw on the way from Jeonju, I’m already impressed.

I’ll be teaching kids in elementary, middle, and high school (including first graders, apparently!) so that’ll be exciting. I’m looking forward to working with all the age groups and getting to know all the students! I work 5 days a week, but different hours and classes each day. I’ll also teach English Cafe in the morning and lunch times, but I don’t totally know what that means yet. Hahaha.

I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow, and write more about orientation! I’m going out with the other teachers to shop (I need cooking supplies…) and explore more of the town! Hopefully I’ll meet the other foreign teachers in the area, too. :)

And thus marks the first day of my teaching career in Korea! I am so looking forward to this teaching experience.