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[#오늘의방탄] #방탄소년단 <THE WINGS TOUR> 자카르타 콘서트에서 만난 아미들! 좋은 추억으로 남길 바라며💕 #우리가함께하는지금 #여전히화양연화🙆🏻

[#Today’sBangtan] ARMYs that we met at #BTS <THE WINGS TOUR> Jakarta concert! We hope that the concert left you with good memories💕 #TheNowThatWeAreExperiencngTogether #StillTheMostBeautifulMomentInLife🙆🏻

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  • Namjoon: [Points to Jungkook's shirt] What colour is Jungkook's shirt?
  • Hoseok: Grey?
  • Jimin: It’s light grey.
  • Seokjin: It’s grey.
  • Namjoon: Now tell them what colour you think it is.
  • Jungkook: [Quietly] Dark white…
Bts reacting to you in a mini skirt!

Request: Bts reacting to you in a short skirt


“So what do you think?” *You come out of your room to show him the result of your outfit after half an hour*

“Well I think…” *gets up and starts fiddling with his belt* “…that Namjoon Jr. now has to be strapped down.”

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*You walk into the living room*

“Nope, we’re not doing this today.”

“I guess you could say… Not Today”

*wants to laugh but walks away before you can see to make a point*

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“Do you like it?”

*stares at you admiringly*


“I love it jagi. God, you’re so beautiful”

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“Okay I’m ready to go!”

“Is that what you’re wearing?”


“You know what, maybe we should just stay inside tonight… maybe light up some candles… put on a movie but definitely makeout instead.”

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“Alright come on taehy- what are you doing? You’re wrinkling your clothes.”

“I saw what you’re wearing and I’d rather stay home.”

“But the dinner plans?”

“But my tongue plans? >;)”

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“Jiminie~ I bought a new skirt! What do you think?”

“I’ll be damned if I ever let you out with that!” *is shook asf*

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“Alright Kookie I’m heading out.”



*Wants to stop you from going out but doesn’t know how to bring it up so he ends up looking like he’s lowkey trying to figure out how to do long division in his head even tho in actuality he’s just a confused speechless weirdo*

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BTS REACTIONS: Them crying in front of you for the first time. (plus what you should do...)

JIN would try his best to hold it in, but he isn’t ashamed to cry when things get tough. He’d want you to comfort him and make him feel better like he does for you. Moments like these would help him determine if you’re really the right one for him. Show him some sympathy and be there for him.

RAP MONSTER would really have to trust you to cry in front of you. He really likes to keep it together for the sake of people around him. With you he sees someone not only he can protect, but can protect him as well. So…protect him. (And show him he doesn’t have to take on the world alone.)

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SUGA would try to hide himself crying until he couldn’t take it anymore. He’d just give up trying to be strong in front of you and let it all out. Like Jin, this would be the moment where you comforting him would show that you cared. He is always in his head, so when he finally lets it out in front of you don’t make him regret it.

J-HOPE is not afraid to cry in front of people he cares about. He is the most emotionally open when it comes to sharing his feelings. So when he finally does cry in front of you he wants you to comfort him. Best thing for you to do is to be by his side and let him cuddle you to death.

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JIMIN would not show you him actually crying. You just would know that he is. He would rather just be alone for a few to let himself recuperate. Give him some space, but don’t be afraid to check on him after a few minutes.

V would try to not let his crying break him down. He’d cry, but he’d also do this weird grin to cover up how much he is crying. He’d want you to be there for him and just cuddle with him for a bit. Knowing you’re there would make him feel a lot better.

(couldn’t find any crying gifs of him so….just give him a kiss and call it a day.)

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JUNGKOOK would hold back, but he wouldn’t want you to comfort him. He loves you enough to cry in front of you. BUT he’d just want to cry it out and figure out where to go from there. After he’s done cry, definitely comfort him, but while he’s crying just let it happen.