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Dating Jinyoung Would Include

hello! can I get a dating jinyoung would include thing? thank you!

Note: thank you for requesting! I am loving GOT7 at the moment~ 

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In the Daytime

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  • Him not really being into PDA outside of your shared apartment, but when the two of you are alone he can’t keep himself away from you
  • Him being very charming even though there’s no need for him to be because you’re already his
  • Pick up lines that will literally make you face palm every time.
  • “I need a map because I keep getting lost in your eyes”
  • Him being all about dates because he loves doing things with you
  • Especially the cinema - he’s all about movie dates
  • But he does enjoy doing that in the comfort of your shared apartment too though
  • Where he can kiss and cuddle you as much as he wants
  • And have popcorn fights
  • Him wrapping his arms around you
  • Literally all the time
  • When you’re cooking
  • When you’re reading
  • He’l just walk over and throw his arms around you because he loves having you in his embrace
  • The inevitable fact that the other members are going to tease you both relentlessly
  • Especially Jackson
  • “Nice love bite, {y/n}, where did you get it?” 
  • “Get lost!”
  • The fans adoring you both and him being happy with that because he loves you, but he also loves his fans. 
  • Him writing, or attempting to write anyway, songs for you.
  • This man is the sweetest thing in existence, never let him go. 

At Nighttime 

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  • Don’t be fooled by this man’s cuteness, he can be too hot to handle when he wants to be 
  • Random conversations at 3am
  • Sometimes it’s about pointless shit
  • Sometimes you’re both being real and deep
  • Most of the time it’s pointless shit tbh
  • Him holding you close to him because he loves the warmth that it gives him and the way it makes him feel
  • Falling asleep as he runs his hands though your hair or tracing the lines of your face
  • Butterfly kisses to help you fall asleep
  • Sometimes he isn’t quite so pure
  • Long passionate sex with sensual, open mouthed kisses
  • Or rough, dominant sex if he’s feeling daring.
Got7 Fingering

For the anon who asked for BTS and Got7 and only got one group ~

Jackson: Jackson the type to finger you everywhere. At the dinner table, in the studio, in his car while yall driving. He’d love it more if you were laid in bed, where he could reach your whole body and leave kisses everywhere. If he had no access to your thighs, like in his car, he’d whimper sadly but still shove his thick fingers into you deep and crook and twist them inside of you until your legs are shaking. He’d be whispering dirty nothing’s to you, trying to get you off quicker so he could suck your sweet come from his fingers already.

Mark: Mark is the oral type when it comes to fingering, meaning he likes to simultaneously eat you out while he scissors you open. His teeth would teasingly nip at your skin, his hot tongue adding the slightest pressure to your soaked lips as his fingers slowly pump in and out of you, stretching you open. It would feel so good with his long gross fingers and he would know it, every gasp, whimper and whine you let out just absolute music to his ears.

JaeBum: JaeBum be the type to hover over you, hand snaked between your bodies as he fingers you. He’d lean on his elbow, using his free hand to move your sweaty bangs from your forehead as he stares into your eyes. His fingers would move slowly but gradually pick up speed, curling up as he pounds into you with his hand and smirks at your agape mouth. You could probably feel his fingers in your stomach to be honest with them strong ass hooking movements he got, wouldn’t doubt it.

Jin Young: Jin Young without a doubt would be slow the entire time. He’d kneel between your spread legs on the bed and start with one finger. Traditional baby boy. Cute. He’d twist his one finger into your heated tightness and when your face scrunched up in pleasure, he’d add a second, pushing in so slowly. He’d gently thrust them in and out, kissing the top of your knee when you start squirming with need.

YoungJae: YoungJae the type to call you names as he fingers you. And make you do all the work. And make you be face down into the mattress with your ass high in the air. He’d tell you to spread yourself so you’re on display for him before he slides two fingers in to start with. He’d pinch the back of your thigh or smack your ass and tell you to ride his fingers like a good girl, large hand smoothing up your spine when you did as you were told and fucked yourself back onto his hand. If you got too needy he’d still you with a sharp spank and pick up a slower pace by himself.

BamBam: For all we know this little shit could be more experienced than whore Jackson but, I’m going to say it’s a safe bet to assume he’s awkward as fuck. The pink blush would never leave his cheeks as he fingers you for the first time, or the sixth whatever. He’d grow nervous whenever you squeaked as his fingers bent up inside of you, not even knowing what he was poking that made you feel so good. He’d ask questions like, baby this way or this way? and experiment until he knew all the right buttons to push. He may lean down and leave a few tentative licks at your slick slit, but if he doesn’t like that he’ll just continue with the slow, languid movements of his fingers.

Someway somehow one of the boys’ responses always end up longer than the rest. Usually it’s YoungJae but this time it’s bammie.

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Jinyoung in a drama… So. Much. Yes.



Moonlight Drawn by Clouds aka Love in the Moonlight’s official drama and characters posters

Main Cast

Park Bo Gum as Lee Yeong (later Crown Prince Hyomyeong)
Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Ra On
Jin Young as Kim Yoon Sung
Chae Soo Bin as Jo Ha Yeon
Kwak Dong Yun as Kim Byung Yeon