drowsle101  asked:

So the CT novel isn't actually a straight adaptation of CT? Then... what does it tell? Can you sum it up?

The second CT novel is an adaptation of CT, but the first one isn’t. It focuses on Tsubaki in a timeline where Noel doesn’t exist - this is very likely the timeline that Hakumen comes from, as well.

Basically, Tsubaki runs around trying to find Jin as Hazama manipulates her from the shadows. Ragna is basically doing the same thing he does in CT, except he kills Arakune (with Tao watching) because Litchi was treating Tsubaki’s injuries after she got into a fight with Tager and lost. Tsubaki runs out of the clinic, leaves her handgun behind (yeah, she doesn’t use Izayoi here).

Terumi gets into the Alucard Castle, taunts Rachel, then leaves. Ragna fights Carl outside the NOL headquarters. Ragna gets in, it’s basically the same as CT. Ragna and Nu fight, Jin interrupts and Nu goes to kill him, but Tsubaki jumps in front and dies protecting him. Nu and Ragna go into the cauldron, and Jin jumps after them.

ramix-the-red  asked:

Would you say that the Susanoo unit changes it's wielder personality/behavior? Hakumen is definitely different from Jin, and Susanoo acts noticeably different from Terumi at times. Could this be an explicit effect of the unit or would you just attribute it to outside circumstances?

It looks like it does. Jin’s personality being different to Hakumen can probably be attributed to Yukianesa being taken away from him, and him being forced to mature during the Dark War.

Terumi into Susano’o is different. Maybe the sheer power transformed his behaviour or maybe not? It’s not elaborated, but it’s definitely a theory.


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