Jin’s dad being a CEO should not come out as a shock, we always knew he came form a good family, his prince like looks aside , he is very well mannered , his favorite sports are tennis, golf, snow boarding (aka rich people sports ) he has attended a prestigious university , traveled abroad few times before bangtan, even in the pics he posts of his dog you can see that his family lives in a spacious house. He possesses some kind of class all the time with out even trying.

all of this makes me respect him even more, instead of acting snobbish and being like “I’m too good for this” he just entered an unknown small company, lived in a simple one bedroom dorm with six strangers , went through all of bangtan’s financial struggles while being with them, worked his ass off with out complaining .this man was raised good.respect👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Yonghwa from CnBlue says otherwise:

Even Seo Taiji who is a legend in Korea says otherwise:

Interviewers say otherwise:

And not just once:

Woldwide dancers say otherwise:

Even staff says otherwise:

Look at Jungkook helping clean up when other idols just left the trash behind

Even that turtle in HAWAII will tell you otherwise:

If you don’t like BTS don’t listen to their music, don’t state up fake facts Brr ~

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